12/31/09 " Promise is amazing... she is a Golden Retriever mix who was physically abused."

Petra's comments.

"No, no, nooooo.... NO was the only word that was screaming in my mind when I saw what had been done to this dog. Everyone can see that someone wired her snout shut. She probably barked too much at one point and the cruel monster who owned her had nothing better to do than to wire her snout. I wished I could wire his and do so much more... This is a scar that did not happen over night. It's many days and nights of living with a wired shut snout. Not only did it leave a physical scar but it left an emotional one as well.

I named her Promise because I promised her that she would be safe from now on and that the home I would find her would only be the very best. Promise was so scared when I tried to lead her out of her cell that she would not walk. I had to pick her up and carry her outside but she would not walk outside either, so I picked her up again and carried her out into the exercise field. She sat there like a little heap of misery and every time I moved she cowered just waiting to be hit. I spoke to her as softly as I could and lightly touched her cheeks and ears and then the tears came... I finally sat there, hugging her and wetting her head with many, many tears. I have rescued a while now and I don't cry that much anymore; there are so many that you don't have tears left sometimes, but when I hugged Promise I think that I could literally feel the sadness and loneliness she is feeling. I am sitting here crying, as I am typing this because I remember that feeling again. Promise finally understood that I was there to help her and she put her head in my lap and sighed... When I got up a while later, she followed me around and did not let me out of her sight. When I left to get another dog, she looked very lost and cried out for me. I kept her in the exercise field the whole time I was temperament testing other dogs and she helped me with all of them. She enjoyed being around most of them and even pounced with a few, which was such a joy to see. When it was time for me to do some paperwork, I brought her into the little rescue shed/office and closed the door. She laid by my feet, content, just looking up at me every now and then and of course I'd pat her on her head and tell her what a good and beautiful little girl she is. All the time that I was around Promise, she made me feel like I was the most important person in her life and she had only met me today and here I am a human! Imagine that, she is trusting a human after just a little while when it was another "human" who misstreated and beat her... The forgiveness of dogs blows me away time and time again.

Promise is amazing... She is a Golden Retriever mix and is fully grown at about 2 years of age. She is medium in size and only weighst about 40 pounds. Her coat is thick and long and she has a fan tail. As mentioned before, she is good with other dogs and she has a great need for affection; therefore, the best home would be one with a family where someone is home quite a bit. She will not be allowed to go to a home with small children because Promise will mouth begging for attention, which could hurt a small child.
If you can help Promise, please contact Petra at "newbeginningsanimalrescue@gmail.com

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