11/2/09"There’s a haunting sadness in the eyes of just about every single dog listed by this shelter."

Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:50 pm
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Santa needs to reserve the right to cross Christmas puppies off the list and substitute something that faces no heartache when discarded. (Or he needs to work closely with those who help find forever homes for animals by screening potential homes. Wink )

No little puppies in this group:




"There’s a haunting sadness in the eyes of just about every single dog listed by this shelter.
Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:58 pm

Please help us save these four dogs who have been at the shelter for such a long time. All four of them are very sweet and loving, they deserve a second chance. Bonnie and Clyde were with an elderly couple who could no longer care for them. They were chained up outside with no food or water for days when animal control finally took them away. The sad look on Paula's face to me says it all and she is such a lovely lady. She does not deserve to be here at all and she has a beautiful personality. Poor Leo is just a diamond in the ruff (lol) and he is just a cuddly teddy bear. Please save these four from a horrible fate they may meet tommorrow morning. They only have us to count on, lets be there for them! Don't let them leave this life thinking they were just another "Christmas Return" !!

Christmas Returns (Author Unknown)
Santa comes quietly long before dawn, while shops are still busy and lights are still on. While dinners are cooking and kitchens are warm, and children count presents they'll open by morn.
He slips past the trees in windows aglow, through the gate to the backyard as icy winds blow.
To find the pup he brought last year, chained up in the snow and, kneeling, he whispers, "Are you ready to go?"
There are too many stops like this one tonight, before the beginning of his regular flight.
He leaves not a note or footprint in sight, just an unbuckled collar on a cold Christmas night......

All these dogs have a few things in common. A collar around their neck while chained outside, no food or water in sight, no doghouse to protect their emaciated bodies and no one who cares about them anymore. They are here at Bladen County Animal Control and as badly as I would love for Santa to take them somewhere safe and give them to someone who will love them forever, their hope for a future is in OUR HANDS!! Please help these "Christmas Returns" find the family that will cheerish them forever and that these sweet faces will never be lonely, hungry or cold ever again !!


Adoption fee is just $25.00 and if your a 501c3 rescue, you can pull for free.

Silvia (volunteer) 910-876-0539 or email her at bladenpets@yahoo.com (Best way to reach her is by cell phone, she checks emails late at night.)

The Bladen County Animal Shelter is located in Elizabethtown, North Carolina, next to the Powell-Melvin Ag Service Center 30 miles southeast of Fayetteville and 45 miles northwest of Wilmington, or about two hours from Raleigh. You are invited to stop by for a visit, and to adopt a four-legged friend!

Bladen County Animal Shelter
506 Smith Circle
Elizabethtown, NC 28337
Phone: 910-862-6918

SHELTER HOURS Please visit or call during office hours of: Mon-Fri 1:00 - 5:30 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 12 Noon

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