12/16/09 "I have not had any luck with these 2 babies below. It is so sad because both of them are wonderful dogs and deserve to LIVE."


If you would like to adopt one of the animals below, please contact

The animals on this posting are on Death Row at Liberty County Animal Control. We only have very little time, often days, to find them new homes or no kill rescues to save their lives. We have personally interacted with each one of these animals. Our descriptions are straight forward! Our conscience would not allow us to hold anything back, and we would never give false information to save an animal, because it would only result in the animal being returned. You will never find vicious/dangerous animals on our listing! Usually, little or none is known about these animals' medical history. Thanks to micro chips, we do know that many of them are abandoned by military, which means they are most likely up-to-date on there shots,heart worm negative, and generally healthy; however, we cannot guarantee that, which is why each animal must receive prompt veterinary care after adoption/rescue takes place.

Spaying or neutering is a MUST!!! This does not apply to rescue; however local adopters MUST purchase a spay/neuter voucher from us, as well as a micro chip and Rabies shot. Spay vouchers are $75 (dogs), $60 (cats) and neuter vouchers are $65 (dogs), $50 (cats). The cost for the micro chip and Rabies shot is $10 each. (If an adopter chooses to use his/her own vet for the spay/neuter, we will gladly reimburse the voucher amount upon proof from the vet’s office.)

Your help with adopting, rescuing, or fostering these animals is immensely appreciated, as is your help with cross posting to others who may be able to help save a life.


I have not had any luck with these 2 babies below. It is so sad because both of them are wonderful dogs and deserve to LIVE. Thanks to kind animal lovers, both animals are sponsored, meaning that the spay and Rabies shot are paid for. How much better can it get???!!! Please, if there are any rescues out there who have room for one of these sweet babies, let me know right away. I would so love to see them get out of Animal Control alive.



802-4560 – Mischa, the Golden Retriever/Shepherd mix.

Mischa is still a puppy, only about 6-9 months old. She has a very sweet personality! She is very playful with high energy. Mischa is good with kids and other dogs but has not been cat tested yet. Poor thing is a little on the skinny side and still has lots of growing to do, but first she will have to be saved from the clutches of Animal Control. Mischa’s release date is 11-26-09.

804-4397 – Sissy, the Yellow Labrador mix.

Sissy is such a cute girl. She is all blonde with very large, amber eyes that plead with the onlooker. Sissy is only about 7 months old and already sentenced to death. She has no idea because when she’s taken out onto the exercise field she has a blast. She is high energy and playful, as a puppy should be. She likes other dogs and kids and has not been cat tested yet. Her release date is 11-21-09.

New Beginnings Animal Rescue

Please remember to Spay/Neuter your pet.

FACT - The number one cause of death in healthy animals in the US is euthanasia. Please adopt

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