UPDATES!12/24/09 All Dogs URGENT . Georgia. Such Great Dogs. They Have To Get Homes or Rescues. Please Several Military Family Dogs Abandoned

e-mail from Petra Brooks New Beginning Rescue

Sunday, December 20, 2009 2:25 AM
Subject: Liberty County Animal Control, Hinesville, GA - Euthanasia: Christmas Eve!

Please contact Petra if you can help any of these dogs


Black German Shepherd - Zeus

Zeus is only about a year old, has lot's of energy and is a strong boy.

He loves to play, chase after tennis balls, and get doted on. He is

solid black and it appears he may be slightly mixed with another

breed, possibly Black Labrador. He is a bit on the skinny side

but nevertheless stunning.

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RESCUED!!!!Rottie mix Bruno abandoned in Fort Stewart

None of us can understand how Bruno's former owners could just let him
go. He is a very good boy, great with other dogs and loves people and kids.
He is very, very sad to be away from his former home and it is heartbreaking
to see him so depressed. He is obviously mixed with Rottweiler but is
much smaller than pure-bred Rotties. He was starved when he came
to Animal Control and at first refused to eat. He actually prefererd
being petted over eating, which is really sad when it's a dog that's
already been missing out on a regular meal. He has a micro chip
with a disconnected Fort Stewart number. He needs a home that
will not do this to him again!!!

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Medium sized sweetheart needs you now!

Our little Sissy weighs only about 35 pounds and will not get much bigger.
She is the perfect family dog! She loves literally everyone, other dogs, children
of all sizes and adults. She has a very petite little face with gorgeous amber
colored eyes and a little pinkish nose. She cuddles in her cold cell with her
buddy Faith. Sissy is loved very much by a wonderful lady up north, but since
she can't adopt Sissy she has offered to sponsor her spay, Rabies shot and micro
chip in
hopes of helping to find her a new home. Sissy needs you badly. She has
been at Animal Control way too long and her time is running out much
too quick. Isn't there someone out there who can offer this little girl
a forever home?
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image 1518058990-2

Dolly, Shiba Inu mix is quite a sight!

Look at the pictures of Dolly and tell me that she is not a very pretty dog!
Dolly is only medium in size and is fully grown. I guesstimate her weight
at about 35 pounds. Her hair is almost white and very fluffy. She is very
good with other dogs and children and would be sure to be a show stopper
if taken to the park. Almost everyone who has met Dolly has mentioned
that she looks like a Shiba Inu mix and that is what I see in her as well.

image 1518062264-1

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Itty bitty Gina, the Terrier mix!

Gina is everything you love in a Terrier. She is small, spunky and cute!
She loves to be loved on and she has fun playing with smaller dogs;
though, she's a little intimidated by larger dogs. She is good around
kids and has a wonderful personality. Her ears are probably the
cutest thing about this little package. There's no telling what all
makes up this cutie pie, but Terrier is a sure guess.

image 1518065177-0 image 1518065177-1

Sad little Black Labrador mix...

Eclipse has had a tough life already. He came into Animal Control
very skinny and full of scars. He had obviously chewed through
a leash that he must have been tethered outside with. Poor boy
is not liking his cell at all. He is sharing the cold cinder block prison
with 5 other pups and he is the largest with his approximately 5-6
months of age. How can a pup so youn already be so scarred. He's a
sad sight to behold and I am afraid he will not make it out of Animal
Control alive. Still, I am posting his pictures and story in hopes for
a miracle.

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Suzie Q needs you!

Suzie is a very pretty young lady with an outgoing personality.
She loves other dogs and is great around people. Her look is adorable;
her white is bright and clean looking and she sports very pretty orange
spots. She appears to be mixed with Boxer and Bulldog and is not a large
dog. I think she weighs around 45 pounds and I don't think she is going to
grow much more. She is a very happy dog and would love to have a forever
home with a yard to play in.

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image 1518071838-2

Hoss, the PBT mix is a hoot!

Hoss is a very fun dog and it is clear that who ever had him before
he ended up at Animal Control spent a lot of time with him. He acts
like a puppy and is care free. He likes to pounce to show you that he
wants to play and though he is a rough player with other dogs, he
does get along with them. He is not very tall but is very solid and
heavy. He is completely charcoal black and has a great face, framed
by floppy ears. He is still young judging by his demeanor. I would
not guess him over 2 years old.image 1518074474-1

image 1518074474-0

How sad...

All dogs tugg at my heartstrings at Animal Control but every once
in a while, there is one that seems to make my heart ache a little
more than the others. That would be Elvira. Elvira is a litty Black
Labrador mix with very large, round sad eyes. She is malnourished,
full of worms and covered with ticks. What happened? I can't imagine
the life this little girl has had so far and she's only a baby, at the most
6 months old. What makes this so hard on my is the fact that she is as
sweet as a dog can possibly be. She is so thankful for every little petting
and softly spoken word and she loves everyone who will pay her a little
attention. When I look at her I don't see the dog she is now, I see a very
pretty, shiny, well fed sweetheart of a dog - that is what I am hoping for.
Most of you want the perfect animal, well, Elvira will be perfect if you just
give her that chance. Please look ahead and see her the way I do.

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image 1518078445-2

Rescued!!!Large, handsome bloke, looking for love!

This boy is an absolute joy to interact with. Cesar is as sweet in temperament
as he is large in size. He is 95% Rottweiler, the only thing that's missing are the
tan eye brows. When you first meet him he looks intimidating but just moments later it is clear that he is nothing but a big baby. He is great with other dogs and is wonderful with humans. He comes when you call him and it seems that he would be very easy to teach tricks to. He looks to be around 3 years old and could quite possibly be house broken. Do you have room for a big, lovey?

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12/25/09 RESCUED!!!!Little guys need love, too!

Camillo is a very unusual looking little guy and I honestly have no idea what
breeds are
mixed into this small package. I imagine that Terrier might be a possibility
due to his size. He has a bobtail and very cute floppy ears. He does have a
little growing left to do because he is only a puppy, probably around 8-9
months old. He is spunky and very friendly. He gets a long with other dogs
and is very curious. He loves to be petted and would not mind at all if you
brought him home for Christmas.

image 1518084931-0 image 1518084931-1

Why I'm not impressed with hunters!

This is an example of why I'm not impressed with hunters! Okay, so
I'm generalizing but us rescuers see hunting dogs just like Vera all the time
- malnourished and obviously not well taken care of. Vera is shy but looking
for human contact. She seem confused and doesn't understand why she is
being kept at Animal Control, isolated in a cell. It is clear that she is used to
being around other dogs and it would be so great if she could go to a home
with another dog to keep her company. But the truth is that Vera may not
make it out at all... Hunting dogs are one of the breeds that rarely do. She
would need a home with a high privacy fence, as she can jump a 4-foot chain
link fence with ease. Vera recently had puppies and her nipples are droopy
and will need some time to shrink down again.

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image 1518089557-2

URGENT - Miniature Pincher lovers!!!

Mischa is a tiny little pure-bred Miniature Pinscher that was obviously used
for breeding and her former owners never even felt it necessary to put her on
Heartworm prevention. Due to this, poor Mischa is high heartworm positive
. We cannot help this poor little baby but you can! Mischa is adorably sweet
and begs to be held. She is a cuddle bug like no other and is great around other
dogs and even cats. Her favorite place is your lap. She only weighs about 4
pounds and is probably around 3 years old. Can you help this little baby or will
she have to end up euthanized thanks to her former owners who did not care
about her at all...

image 1518092611-0


Mia was picked up for killing a chicken. The chicken owner

did not think it was funny at all that this little thief

turned up in his yard.

But what he didn't know is that Mia had no home with

people to give her food and meanwhile, she had

puppies to fee herself. She is full of milk but Animal

Control does not know where her puppies are. In this

weather, most likely the puppies are no longer alive...

Poor Mia, she did what she had to do to stay alive and keep

her babies alive but she got caught and ended up in jail.

Mia is adorable and though she might have killed a chicken, she gets along grand with other dogs and even cats. She is a tiny little thing with an adorable face and sweet, sweet ears. She loves to be loved on. When you put her little head between the palms of your hands she will stand very still and look at you. I could just kiss her little forehead over and over. She is kept in a cat cage in the Animal Control office with a little Min Pin. They share their food and cuddle up at night. But how long until both of them have to make room for others that come in? Can you help before it's too late?

image 1518096272-0 image 1518096272-1

Toby's time in the spot light!

Tell me this is not a handsome boy?! Toby is truly a show stopper. He appears to be Chocolate Lab and possibly PBT. He is very well fed and his coat is soft and healthy looking. Toby loves people but ufnortunately was not socialized around other dogs. He would have to go to a one-dog home, which we know is a hard to find. Toby appears to be around 2-3 years old.

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12/25/09 UPDATE RESCUED!!!Craigslist didn't work...

We have a copy of Nolan's posting on Craigslist... Yes, he was posted on
Craigslist by his former owner, a military wife who was moving and saying
she can't take him with her. Well, it's too bad that nobody answered her posting because she DUMPED him and left. WHY? HOW? I can't imagine doing that - ever!
Nolan is only a puppy. He is at the very most 1 year old and on top of
that, he's a very sweet boy. He is sharing his cold cell with another dog
and when we let them out today he was so very grateful for the attention
we gave him. He even suffered through the Christmas props on his head
. We're hoping that posting him will work this time because if it doesn't
Nolan will end up dumped again.......... but this time it will be at a landfill.
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