1/01/10 WV "animals will now be in the care of the sheriffs department and that means that all animals will be euthanized after 5 days"

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Hi everyone. Hope this finds each of you in good spirits and looking forward to a new year of helping save as many animals as possible and helping each other.

As most of you know, if you were able to read the email I sent out near the first of the month that we are losing our Animal Control Officer, Sandy Mallow. Due to health reasons she has had to resign as of December 31st, but will try to continue to help the animals when she can through the rescue she had started, so she would not have to euthanize after 5 days.

Sandy has dedicated her life to the animals of Pocahontas County for almost 14 years, with no shelter, no help, no volunteers but with dedication, determination and a heart of gold. It has greatly saddened her to have to resign, as it has me also, but I do realize this is something she has to do.

Sandy has around 30 cats and kittens and approximately 19 need sponsors to be spayed/neutered and their shots. 3 of those, are the ones that I have been bottle feeding for Sandy Mallow, and they are now approximately 2 1/2 months old and one is almost 3 months old. Ready for new homes or rescues.

Females to be spayed is $65 and males are $35. Rabies shot is $10. We are begging for you to help sponsor these animals as soon as possible because we do not want to have to turn them over to the Sheriffs dept or have them euthanized. However, they can not all stay in cages and must be allowed out.

If you can find it in your heart to even partially sponsor one, please help the animals. They will be kept, once sponsored, until a home or rescue is found. Sandy will be taking a huge pay cut and will no longer be able to help the amount she has before with feed, vet care, etc. Please help the animals that are still with her. They honestly need you. You may also call the vet and sponsor one via credit card after you let us know which one you are wanting to help, or you can donate by using paypal on our main page.

The name on our petfinder site will be changed after December 31st to "LAST CHANCE ANIMAL RESCUE" instead of "Pocahontas County Animal Control". Will update more when I can about the changes.

Please email BOTH jaime0801@frontiernet.net AND lastchance_rescue@yahoo.com for quicker response.

there are chip ins on the website and photos of all the animals in need of sponsors and rescues and hopefully forever homes!

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The vet's number is (304)637-2400- All Creatures Great and Small Animal Clinic. Dr. Lamie is the vet's name. Just let us know when you do it, so Sandy can call and make sure they keep everything straight.
let them know it's for the cats in care of Sandy Mallow
thank you!!!!"

Pics of some of the animals in need

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