UPDATE12/28/09 Rottie is a Big Lovey Baby. Not One Inquiry For Him and 3 Other Great Dogs. Please Adopt or Rescue. Georgia Kill Shelter

UPDATE 1/03/10 -Rescued''Cesar, the Rottie mix is going to PA on the 9th. Gina is, too. Nobody for Hoss still. :-( '' Petra

EUTHANASIA DATE: December 31st!

If you would like to adopt one of the animals below, please contact

Itty bitty Gina, the Terrier mix! (NO ONE INQUIRED!!!) RESCUED

Gina is everything you love in a Terrier. She is small, spunky and cute! She loves to be loved on and she has fun playing with smaller dogs; though, she's a little intimidated by larger dogs. She is good around kids and has a wonderful personality. Her ears are probably the cutest thing about this little package. There's no telling what all makes up this cutie pie, but Terrier is a sure guess.

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Hoss, the PBT mix is a hoot! (NO ONE INQUIRED!!!)
Hoss is a very fun dog and it is clear that who ever had him before he ended up at Animal Control spent a lot of time with him. He acts like a puppy and is care free. He likes to pounce to show you that he wants to play and though he is a rough player with other dogs, he does get along with them. He is not very tall but is very solid and heavy. He is completely charcoal black and has a great face, framed by floppy ears. He is still young judging by his demeanor. I would not guess him over 2 years old.

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Large, handsome bloke, looking for love! (NO ONE INQUIRED!!!)RESCUED
This boy is an absolute joy to interact with. Cesar is as sweet in temperament as he is large in size. He is 95% Rottweiler, the only thing that's missing are the tan eye brows. When you first meet him he looks intimidating but just moments later it is clear that he is nothing but a big baby. He is great with other dogs and is wonderful with humans. He comes when you call him and it seems that he would be very easy to teach tricks to. He looks to be around 3 years old and could quite possibly be house broken. Do you have room for a big, lovey?

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************************************************************ Why I'm not impressed with hunters! (NO ONE INQUIRED!!!)
This is an example of why I'm not impressed with hunters! Okay, so I'm generalizing but us rescuers see hunting dogs just like Vera all the time - malnourished and obviously not well taken care of. Vera is shy but looking for human contact. She seem confused and doesn't understand why she is being kept at Animal Control, isolated in a cell. It is clear that she is used to being around other dogs and it would be so great if she could go to a home with another dog to keep her company. But the truth is that Vera may not make it out at all... Hunting dogs are one of the breeds that rarely do. She would need a home with a high privacy fence, as she can jump a 4-foot chain link fence with ease. Vera recently had puppies and her nipples are droopy and will need some time to shrink down again.

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