12/20/09 UPDATE! 12/12/09 Ferris Kitty at Grayson Shelter KY Give Ferris a Home Please

UPDATE 12/20/09 Ferris Rescued. Going to N.Y.!!!!

"Hi, my name is Ferris, a black and white male kitty (short coat) about one year old (and I came into the shelter in Oct.09). Pssst...you wanna charmer who'll give you the kind of love you can only get from a tuxedo boy like me? Just check out my 'pouty' and 'come hither' expression (but with just a hint of mischief in my handsome eyes). I'm very friendly, and I have a lot to say too, and I'd love to unleash my charm and tuxedo love on you. I did see the volunteers do some handwringing and with worried frowns on their faces, 'cause there's too many of us kitties for the available spaces, and our time has become very, very limited for lack of available places. I'll be neutered and have some shots, so Ferris would love to hear your thoughts (about adopting me)! (Please make it soon, perhaps this very afternoon). Love and many sweet purrs going your way...Ferris "


If you are interested in meeting or learning more about this pet, email dwhite@aggressiveonline.net or call 270.230.8839 for more information. Our shelter is located at:
213 E. William Thomason Byway
Leitchfield, KY 42754
Shelter hours: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 to 1:30 (central time zone)
A few
Other Kitties Who Need Out

UPDATE Both Rescued!!!!!! Eve and Noel

"Hi, my name is Eve, a girl calico kittycat (short coat), about one and half years old (in December 09). I was brought into the shelter with sweet little Noelle by people who didn't want us anymore. The volunteer looked at the people with weary and tired eyes, and said there is no room, and these sweethearts may be put to sleep if you leave them here. The people's eyes, they were hard, and they walked on out the door. The volunteer, she turned to us and said 'my darling loves, we'll do our best to find you homes (though precious scarce they be), and the people who left you here aren't worthy of your love, and have no eyes to see. To recognize beauty and quality without measure, so I must work hard to find those who will see you as a treasure'. So she gave us our own cage, and nourishment sublime, and we will finally know true love, though we may not have much time. As the volunteer walked tiredly through the door, she cast us a final glance, and promised us (with passion) she'd give us every chance.
And if dear people, you will come for me, you have my sincere promise, spayed I will be. Love, Eve"


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