12/05/09 Grayson STILL NEEDS Adopters,Rescuers, Fosters. They DO NOT WANT to KILL THE CATS THEY KNOW AND LOVE. Euth Starts Monday

"Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:01 am
Post subject:

To everyone who has posted and crossposted in order to save lives,
thank you.

To the rescues who have offered to take some of the Grayson cats,
thank you.

To everyone who has offered to adopt, thank you.

To everyone who has offered to foster, thank you.

To those who have sponsored, thank you.

To all who have offered to help with transport, thank you.

To everyone who has sent a good thought, some positive energy or
said a prayer
for the cats and the volunteers at Grayson, thank you.

There has been some good response from some wonderful friend
s of Grayson,
old and new, but at this time it is not enough to prevent the need
to euthanize
on Monday. There are still too many for them to care for. The
shelter is so
crowded in the cat room, the hallway, the bathroom and the
office that the
volunteers can barely move. We need to find others who can
and will help.
This being said, I am so happy for those who are lucky enough
to be on
their way to safety and I refuse to give up hope for that miracle.
still time to make it happen.

Five more cats came in on Friday alone. This is an
open admission shelter
and the cats that come in from the city cannot be turned away.
The volunteers
inform the owners that they will probably have to kill their cats,
as they
are out of room, and they leave them anyway, knowing
their probable fate.

The good news is that the shelter is closed to the public
on Saturday, the
bad news is that they are open on Sunday.

There is an offer to house some cats short term
(until transport can be arranged),
IF there are solid commitments from rescues,
adopters or fosters to take the cats.

There is a transport going to the Chicago area this Sunday.
Please keep this in
mind if you're located near there or on the way and can help.

We aren't out of the woods yet...the cats are NOT safe yet.
My hope is that
if we continue to do what we're doing and spread
the word that we can get
some more out...at least enough so that no one dies.

It isn't an impossible feat...we can make this happen...
I really do believe that.

Thank you again to everyone! Let's keep working on
getting some more
cats out so that we can keep them all alive.

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:03 pm
Post subject:

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I write this. We have all
worked very
hard to help Grayson County Humane Society stay as no
kill as possible.
This has not been an easy task considering they operate
with no public funding,
with an all volunteer staff, located in a poor, rural county
in Kentucky. But they DO
it, they actually DO all the things that other larger,
better located, well funded,
"fully staffed with paid employees" shelters only ASPIRE to.

No one has worked harder to accomplish this goal then the
volunteers onsite
and for that I appreciate them every day...because they
are at the shelter
every day, 365 days per year. They take in and save those
animals that other
shelters would never consider saving. Dogs and cats that
go on to live happy
and healthy lives in homes of their own.

The time has come and they WILL have to start euthanizing
cats and kittens.
There simply is no other choice. Keep in mind that these are
cats that they
have come to love and to consider their friends. Cats that
they have worked
darn hard to keep alive will now need to be killed. Wonderful
cats. The lists are
being compiled now and the ones who aren't sponsored, spayed
or neutered will
be the unfortunate ones who will be put on the list to be killed.
in the cat room
are full and there are 2 additional cages that are on the floor.
There are 12
cages in the hallway, 4 stacked in the bathroom and 8 in the office
. Most cages
contain multiple cats. The shelter was designed to hold 30 cats
and there are
now 90 cats there, plus another 30 in foster care. They have
simply run out
of available space.

The only way to stop this from happening would be a miracle.
If there are
enough rescues, who believe in what GCHS stands for and is
doing, could
take in a cat or two or four this wouldn't HAVE to happen.
If we could find
adopters and/or fosters this wouldn't HAVE to happen.
If everyone could
post and crosspost and put out an urgent plea for rescues,
adopters or fosters
to contact the shelter BEFORE MONDAY, this wouldn't HAVE
to happen.
No one would have to make the decision as to which of their
friends lives
and which ones die. It will be bcoo who has to make those decisions.
The one who knows them the best and the one who loves
them the most.
I spoke to her tonight and I could hear the pain in her voice,
through her
tears. This is weighing very heavy on her heart and she
cannot put this
off any longer. It is breaking her heart and she is beyond sad.
She is broken.

Please, please help them avoid having to kill those
that they love. They
have been trying to avoid having to do this for a
very long time now,
but there are no other options. Whatever anyone
can do will help.
We need everyone's help with rescuing, adopting,
fostering, referring
those looking to adopt cats or kittens to GCHS
and posting and

We have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to make
a miracle happen.
If there are no miracles, then the cats will die.
There simply are no
other choices or options. Time has run out.

Posted Fri Dec 04, 2009 2:52 am:

I did want to post the number for the shelter, if anyone can help.
It's 270-230-8839 or you can email bcoo at bcootoo@yahoo.com.
The website for Grayson is: www.graysonhumane.org

"I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter
...the cast-offs
of human society.
I saw in their eyes
love and hope, fear
and dread, sadness and betrayal. And I was angry. "God," I said,
"this is terrible!
Why don't you do something?" God was silent for a moment and then He spoke
softly. I have done
something," He replied. "I created you."~Jim Willis

And here they are, the Bee Gees! I hope the kitten Bee Gees develop the same huge fan base as the human one's. Smile


And here are the Beatles! Their music bridges generations, and The Beatle Kittens are sure to charm people of any age.


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Charlie (and a member in good standing of the Black Cat society)!


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Kelly (and doesn't she melt your heart)? Smile


And beautiful Sabrina


If you can foster any of these beautiful groups of kittens, please contact the shelter. Smile

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