12/02/09 Two Shephard Huskies Devoted to Each Other in Need of Home or Rescue. I know this is in Mississippi. I had to post them. Please Help.

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:11 pm
Post subject: Leland, Mississippi-"on our knees and desperate"-B

These two are so beautiful and are really breaking my heart.
Just crossposting, I know nothing more than posted below, but
if you find out anything PLEASE update here.

Contact person's email: chismjanet@yahoo.com
Arrf (www.arrf-arrf.org) is working furiously to save 2
Shepherd/Husky mix
adult dogs now at the Leland, Mississippi shelter.
and Buster were

surrendered to the shelter due to their owner
having to move

out-of-state in order to find employment.
The owner was heart
broken and the dogs are totally dependent
on each other.
They are brother and sister and have been
together since
birth and are now about 4 yrs.
old.......if separated, we truly
feel they would not survive! We desperately
need rescue for
these 2 sweethearts asap......
they absolutely
LOVE children,
but do not like cats! They seem to be
fine with other dogs.

They are excellent dogs and would make
someone great companions.

The Leland shelter is bursting with dogs.......
we need rescues
to help us!
Please.....there are so many loving, good dogs and most have been
spayed/neutered and most have even been treated for heartworms......
..all Arrf asks is for medical reimbursement, or at least as much
reimbursement as possible. All of the shelter dogs are current
on vaccinations........please help us find rescue for these babies.

If anyone is interested, please email me at chismjanet@yahoo.com
Thanking you in advance for any suggestions or help.

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