12/09/09 Bloggers Unite Love a Shelter Dog and Cat - Many are on Death Row

Missy is an URGENT shelter pet that needs a home.
Love A Shelter Dog or Cat

What can people do to help the millions of dogs and cats abandoned at shelters?

1.Become an advocate and learn about the No Kill Shelter Movement.

Nathan Winograd advocates for NO-Kill Shelters. He is the author of two books and tells how we can stop the killing of pets in our animal shelters. Learn more or purchase Nathan's books including Irreconcilable Differences and Redemption.

The following information is from an e-mail Nathan Winograd sends to those interested in his work.

"Redemption is the winner of USA Book News' Best Book (Animal/Pets), a Best Book Muse Medallion winner by the Cat Writers Association of America, a Best Book nominee by the Dog Writers Association of America, finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award for Excellence in Publishing, and winner of a Silver Medal from the Independent Publishers Association. It has been called "powerful and inspirational," "ground-breaking," and "a must read for anyone who cares about animals."

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The No Kill Blog

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What's New

♦ The big news is, of course, that my second book Irreconcilable Differences is now available! Click here to purchase a copy.


♦ The Encyclopedia of Animal Rights & Animal Welfare has been recently updated and expanded to two-volumes. For the first time, it includes a chapter on the No Kill Movement which I wrote. Learn more by clicking here.


♦ You can get a CD with all of the documents in the Reforming Animal Control section of the No Kill Advocacy Center website, including other "How To" manuals, sample flyers, information guides, and more (click here to see the list of documents), a signed copy of Redemption, and a copy of Irreconcilable Differences in their Reforming Animal Control/Building a No Kill Community Packet. For more information, click here."


2. Check out this shelter rescue blog for abandoned dogs, cats, rabbits, horses in kill shelter in 7 states in the U.S. Due to the foreclosure problem and job loss many beloved pets as well as strays are being dropped off at shelters in record numbers. These shelters are always in need of rescues, fosters, sponsors,volunteers, donations of food and adopters.

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Here are a few

Shelby County Animal Shelter KY
Was no kill for a year but because of number of animals being dropped off has had to euth.


Shelby County Humane Society Ky


Grayson County Humane Society KY

Grayson is having a virtual Christmas Decoration Party. You can help their animals.

Click this link



Muskingum Pound OH

Licking Animal Shelter OH


This is a high kill shelter. The cats are not posted but you can contact Shelly who pulls cats from shelter


to get the pictures of each week’s urgent cats.

Stop the Suffering OH


pulls cats and dogs from Licking Animal Shelter and other kill shelters in OHIO

Nicholas Cty Animal Shelter WV

Mason County Animals Shelter WV


Pocahontas County Animal Control WV

New Beginnings Animal Rescue Hinesville Georgia


Project Paws NC


Shelter Rescue Newnan Georgia

The shelters they help are VERY HIGH KILL.


There are so many pounds, rescues and shelters in need. I can’t possibly post all. Here is another pound that has an overflow of pets each week.

Hartford Dog Pound, Hartford Conneticut USA


3. Spay and Neuter

4. Provide Your Pet With Food Shelter, Supervision,Vet Care, Affection and Companionship

5. Support Rescues and Shelters in Your Area

Marcus Wants a Home. See his video.

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