12/21/09 Darlington SC -" fully sponsered coonie loosing mind and life"

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Email Rescue Coordinator, Monica, if you can save Dozier:

PLEASE Save Dozier!!!! Dozier came to the shelter on Sept 22nd as a stray. He is now fully sponsored for vetting (neuter, vacs, deworming & hw test). Also, since he tested hw positive we managed to raise the money to have him HW treated. This FULLY SPONSORED dog is now going to be euth'd if we can't find him a rescue very quickly!!! Dozier is on one of the cable tie-outs at the shelter w/ an igloo for shelter. He has become so distraught and upset at shelter life that he is literally slowly losing his mind. This poor dog spends his days fixated on invisible demons in the ground. He stares at the ground ALL day long and barks at it. Volunteers even moved the leaves around to see if there was something there, and sadly there isn't. It's just leaves and dirt. When Dozier is taken off the tie out and walked around he goes back to being a normal sweet dog. As soon as he is put back on the tie-out he becomes fixated with the ground
again. It is unfair to make Dozier live like this any longer. Because he has become DISTRAUGHT at the shelter and is obviously so unhappy the shelter is going to euth him if we cannot find a rescue to take him. Please don't let Dozier's life end this way. He has waited for 3 long months at the shelter for someone to claim him as their own and show him love. Please consider how your mental faculties would be after being on a chain for 3 months. I do believe that I would lose my mind as well. Dozier deserves so much better than this.

Email Rescue Coordinator, Monica, if you can save Dozier:

Here is Dozier's profile/bio:

I totally wigged out a volunteer the other day as she claimed I was wearing a tri-color hound costume. I nearly laughed my head off she did NOT recognize me. You see, I have been at the shelter for months now and up until a few days ago, at best I would sniff hands in my kennel and allow head pets. The idea of walking on a leash simply turned my tummy! I must have drank some funky water or some such nonsense, because I determined that it was time for me to trust people and broaden my horizons. The first step was to head out for a walk and that is where the volunteer spotted me! I must say, I'm really proud of myself. I have been slowly added pounds to my frame since my arrival in the summer and now I have started to show everyone what a special dog I am. Did you know for example that I am a great conversationalist? Did you know I'm great on a leash....I'm patient and calm...good with other dogs...attentive and affectionate? I did a really poor job in
sharing these intimate details earlier with you and am simply beaming as I share them with you now.

#2964-9/22-M-hound-stray Stayed as still as a statue in his igloo the whole time I was in his kennel-He wouldn't even lean over to sniff my fingers when I put my hand in his house.

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From his PF bio:
***Dozier has been fully sponsored for his basic vetting (neuter, vaccinations, hw test and de-worming)and fully sponsored for his HW treatment...Thanks to the kindness & generosity of DCHS supporters.*** Update 11-19-09: Dozier has been HW treated
Dozier is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.

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