12/28/09 ELLA "My favorite little girl '' Urgent

My favorite little girl Ella

comments by Petra

''There is no doubt that Ella is the dog that has touched my heart most this week. She makes you laugh and has such a wonderful temperament. When I first saw Ella in her very dark cell, she was trying to figure out whether she was happy to see me or whether I was not to be trusted. She wrinkled her nose and wagged her tail all at the same time. I could tell that she really, really, really wanted to trust me and I guess she decided she would because she let me slip a leash around her and walk her out to the exercise field where another dog was waiting to play with her. As soon as she saw the other dog her true personality came out. She literally glowed with excitement and the two of them played and ran and had a grand time. We noticed that she was not using her right hind leg and when we further examined it we noticed that her knee had a light swelling, as did her ribs on that side. We are pretty sure that she must have had an encounter with a moving car but apparently it was not too bad because there is no break in her skin, just slight swelling. This should be looked at by a vet as soon as possible however. Ella loves her humans, too. She figured out quickly that we were the "good kind" and she begged for cookies (see pictures) and that's also when we found out that Ella will sit when told and will even shake! Her collar is not worn out and she is a very clean looking dog. She definitely had a home and is not your run-of-the-mill stray. She is at the most 9 months old and is only medium in size and I do not expect her to grow any more. She is as cute as a button. I can't imagine anyone meeting her and not falling in love. Ella is mixed with bully breed. If you can help Ella, please contact me right away at the e-mail address.' '

EUTHANASIA DATE: December 31st!

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