True Care Humane Society -The Staff is Going On Vacation. All Dogs and Cats will Be Euthed. Hard to Believe. Union S.C. No Hope?

Teddi ID 750218
shepherd/lab mixes ID 784905
Dusty ID 784901
Porky ID 335347

True Care Humane Society is a Very High Kill Shelter. They Really Need Help and Monetary Donations. Go to their website and donate on Paypal. Their animals NEED HELP!

Other Listed Animals

"The staff is going on vacation and all dogs, puppies, cats and kittens remaining will be killed! This shelter is named True Care Humane Society...what a joke!

They have a senior Chihuahua named Mrs. Brown, a 3-legged treeing walker coonhound, a PB cocker, several young retriever mixes. They don't list all the dogs or the cats/kittens. Dogs like Wally (Female hound mix) and the young Chihuahua mixes aren't even listed! They are all about a 10 months old and want to live!

Dee Dee Threadgill is pulling as fast as she can but needs places for them to go!
CONTACT: Dee Dee --
Phone: (864) 466-5326 (home)
(864) 424-9082 (cell)

Donations for helping these animals can be made through paypal at "

Hwy 18
P.O. Box 525
Union , SC 29379
Phone: 864-466-5326 OR 864-424-9082

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