3 Rescues Wanted Jack.He Was Neutered and Vetted and Rescues Fell Through. He is Back At Pound Getting Depressed.

"Please cross-post to help Jack find another rescue or forever home that will take him and not let him get sent back to the shelter just to die!! We need somebody to look past his ears and into his eyes to see the beautiful soul inside!!!

While at the shelter, Jack continued to be passed by and was not adopted because he has one ear that stands straight up and one flops over. The shelter volunteers said that everybody that walked by his kennel stopped to look at him, but just laughed at him and moved on. You can see the sadness in his eyes.

Jack is a beautiful male German Shepherd that was pulled just minutes before he was to be PTS because three rescues were all interested in him. Jack was pulled and neutered and vaccinated and then the rescues all fell thru. He has been returned to the shelter and he is waiting. The woman that sponsored all of this also contributed some money towards his heartworm treatment, however, they cannot treat him for heartworms and bring him back to the shelter in this heat after treatment. According to the rescue coordinator, Jack is now going kennel crazy and is rapidly becoming depressed.

He needs out ASAP!!

He is located at the Darlington County Animal Shelter in Darlington SC.

They can be reached at 843-398-4402

Please don't let Jack die!

Posted Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:10 am:

What a Sweetheart. He wants a home.

Jack maintains a quizzical expression due to his right ear that stands straight up while the left lays straight down! He is somewhat shy but clearly appreciates a kind word and some loving. Lots of folks stop by his run and laugh, but Jack looks straight past them and continues to look for the "above average" humans that he wishes to "adopt" as his own."

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