Many Owner Surrenders.These Dogs Deserve A Chance At Life.Coshocton Ohio Animal Shelter 8-19-08- dogs in need. HIGH KILL FACILITY.

Their lives do not have to end. Please adopt, rescue, sponsor. Look at their faces.

Coshocton County Animal Shelter

217715 Township Rd
coshocton, Ohio 43812
Phone: 740-622-9741
Fax: 740-622-4917

Subject: Coshocton Ohio Animal Shelter 8-19-08- dogs in need
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 21:52:29 -0400

These dogs are in the Coshocton Ohio Animal Shelter- a high kill facility. If you can help any of these dogs please contact Tammy at the shelter- 740 622 9741 or THANK YOU For those with no voices Holly Downing

DSCF2541.JPG-"Axel" #972 German shep mix male tan and black- stray- sweet dog
DSCF2544.JPG-"Tray" #948 Lab mix male NEUTERED - stray- friendly
DSCF2548.JPG-"Whiskey" #952 Chow- male NEUTERED - Likes dogs and kids- no cats- owner surrender- foreclosure
DSCF2549.JPG-"Georgie" # 934 Terrier mix female - HOUSETRAINED - 8 yrs old- never been around kids-owner surrender
DSCF2553.JPG- "Daisy" #968 Lab mix female SPAYED - 8 mths-happy pup owner surrender
DSCF2554.JPG-" Emerald" #967 Aussie mix male- red- long hair- long tail- gorgeous fur and eyes -shy
DSCF2555.JPG-"Missy" # 000 Yellow lab mix female and her 4 pups - next picture
DSCF2556.JPG-"Missy's" pups as above
DSCF2557.JPG-"Dozer" #970 Pitt male HOUSETRAINED 1 1/2 yrs very friendly owner surrender
DSCF2558.JPG-"Lindy" # 960 Husky-Shep mix female tan white and black with one startling ice blue eye- sweet and shy -Drop Box
DSCF2566.JPG-"Shaley" # 946 Chocolate lab female- nice dog Drop Box
DSCF2581.JPG-"Philly" # 961 Heeler brown cream and black female very sweet Drop Box
DSCF2569.JPG-------#940 Bull mastif lab mix- female 1 year old- cutie pie-owner surrender
DSCF2584.JPG "Thumper" #733 German shep lab mix female SPAYED HOUSETRAINED 5 yrs -has had surgery to remove a tumor-SWEET owner surrender
DSCF2586.JPG "Stinker" # 955Lab mix male 1 year good with kids and other pets sad fellow- owner surrender
DSCF2592.JPG #971 7 pups who look mostly like this one- born June 17th mother -JR mix father "short and wrinkly" owner surrender
DSCF2624.JPG "Molly" # 929 black lab mix female young scared- mom of next picture Drop Box
DSCF2599.JPG Pup of Molly- previous picture- #929 female- looks like a doxie -adorable Drop Box
DSCF2626.JPG one of 4 pups belonging to "Daisy " (next picture) father chow husky mix cute as buttons! Drop Box
DSCF2627.JPG"Daisy" beagle - mom to previous picture (pup) and 3 others- wonderful girl
DSCF2629.JPG "Sarah" Dalmation female 1 year DEAF gentle girl
DSCF2636.JPG "Jenny" #966 beagle female tricolor scared little one Drop Box
DSCF2632.JPG "-------Hound mix male black and white handsome guy!
DSCF2625.JPG " "Jax" #933 Chihuahua mix male white brown and black -wants a lap to cuddle in! Stray
DSCF2463.JPG "Massillon" #913 American Eskino female sweet and very friendly- Owner surrender
DSCF2589.JPG " Royce" #962 male- husky mix (?) bad picture of a handsome boy- Drop Box
DSCF2594.JPG"---------#942 2 yellow lab/shepherd mix pups like this one sweet Drop Box


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