5 Starved Abandoned Beagles One's Throat WAS CUT. OHIO

i Susan
Would you know of anyone that could help with 5 abandoned beagles?
They were left behind at a trailer 3 months ago. I found out about them only 1 month ago. Luckily some neighbors would occasionally throw food to them. By the time I heard about them, they were literally just walking skeletons.
I've been trying to get placement for them but now I'm desperate.
I went to the property where they were abandoned yesterday (as I do everyday). First I found the water hose (that a neighbor had kindly ran from his house to the property) cut in several places. Then I found one of the beagles with his throat cut almost 3/4 the way around. It wasn't deep enough to kill him and We were able to get the bleeding stopped, It's just obviously painful for him. I've got him and one other here now but the other three are still at the trailer. I don't have room for anymore. I was already way past maximum capacity before the 2 came. I've contacted everyone I know. As bad as I hated to I even contacted our heartless dog warden 3 times and cant get him to do ANYTHING!
If you know of anyone that could help, Please let them know of the situation and ask them to contact me ASAP.
Thanks so much
ORPHAN Network

From: Animalrescuegal@aol.com
Subject: Fwd: 5 beagles abandoned at trailer, one had throat cut. help!!
Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2008, 12:10 AM

please cross post or help if you can....respond to tamatha sterling at stirling72@zoominternet.net for more information.

these babies are located in proctorville ohio area which is I believe south to southwest, check with tamatha.



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