Still There :( Bombay and Callie Two Cute Kitties at Mason County Animal Shelter WV


Bombay loves to be held

Loving Girl

The smallest feline is a masterpiece.

quote from painter/artist Leonardo Da Vinci

Callie and Bombay are masterpieces. They are living breathing creatures who have a full life ahead of them. They will charm you, play with you, challenge you and they will offer you affection and companionship. They are only two of the cats at Mason who need homes, rescues and or sponsors. Please take a look at all the Mason cats and dogs and

Read about cats in art through history.

To help Bombay and Callie


Donations are also needed for the shelter's medicine fund. You can donate directly to Help for Animals. The link is below or click on the fundraising box on this site on the sidebar or go to the Mason Website to donate.

Mason County Animal Shelter
Our Vet: Help for Animals Spay and Neuter Clinic
Vetting Prices:
Vetting Payment Contact: Vanessa, (304) 736-8555 or Toll Free (800) 953-7297

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