Young Chocolate Lab, Being treated for HW Faces Euthanasia in N.C.Shelter URGENT

"This is Hot Chocolate. He came into the shelter as a stray. Skinny, and full of worms. He was dirty & a litttle confused about why he was in a cage.
Hot Chocolate quickly came out of his shell & began to win the hearts of all the shelter imployees. He was neutered, given shots, dewormed & HW tested.
Thats when his first Road Block began. He was Heartworm Positive. He was treated but will been to be on heartguard for a year. That day we had to make a decision... to euthanize him because of the cost of treatment, or to pay for his treatment and give him a 2nd chance at life.
Chocolate was lucky! Because of his wonderful temperment, his smart attitude, his playful personality...and his ability to love everyone... (dogs, cats, people, kids) his life was spared.
That doesn't mean he is safe. He is VERY URGENT. He has been at the shelter a long time, and everyday that he is overlooked, thats one more strike against him.
The shelter is at MAX capacity... and euthanizing will have to be done. He has been there the longest, and he is the most urgent!

PLEASE... This awesome dogs needs help!!!! He needs a home or a rescue ASAP

Hot Chocolate is located in Murphy, NC
If you can save him... Please e-mail me.

He is a 1.5 yr old, neutered, full-blooded chocolate lab."

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