Happy Tails * Cody .Post #2

Yeaaaa, I've been waiting for a blogger to ask me to 'brag' about my Mason Co. puppy dog!! I'm the pupppy foster home for Furry Friends Network, Carlisle, PA and have been fostering about 2 1/2 years now and found my niche in puppies. After retiring from Hershey Foods, of course, everybody says to do something you really like......so when I was at Curves one day, the instructor (who fosters for FFN) told me about it, sounded like something I wanted .... enough background.

August 19, 2006 I had to send my beloved Mookie over the Rainbow Bridge after 14 yrs. I mourned, but life is short so in September 2006 and my eyes opened a little wider looking for my new companion who would also have to meet stringent guidelines for being a big brother/sister to small, nippy, pesty but cute little puppies. Didn't know how long this was going to take......maybe years??

On September 17, 2006 Tina from FFN was at the Mason Co Shelter, looking for animals to take up to PA (something like that) went in to the cat room and heard a dog in the bottom cage coughing. She pulled him, took him to a hospital up our way and I picked him up to foster. When they brought him in to the exam room where I was waiting, I thought he was the oddest dog I've ever seen (I've since learned to use the word 'unique'). I named him Cody after I adopted him and he is the BEST dog in the world. My fosters all sleep in crates, but Cody sleeps in bed with me and he just loves all the attention - he's very calm, laid back, patient and 'about my age'.

Thank you Mason Co Shelter for this absolutely wonderful dog that you brought into my life!! Sue
Hershey , PA

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