Washington County/Johnson City Animal Control Ctr TN

Zach Boxer

Kibble Whippet

Dopey Baby Hound Mix

Heidi Young Boxer Collie Mix

Holden Border Collie Spaniel Mix

Baron Australian Shepherd

General is a senior. Not sure what happened to the skin on his back.

Diego Shitzu

Francine is one of the few cats at the shelter. I wonder if she is having a hard time with the dogs' barking. GET FRANCINE OUTTA OF THERE, Please.

"This shelter is a joint operation supporting the animal control needs of both Washington County and Johnson City. We are not actually a government organization or a humane society. Our main services include stray animal pick-up, warnings to those violating animal control and humane laws, adoption of animals and euthanasia of pets."

I heard MANY dogs may be euthanized this week!
Please look at ALL the animals.


Washington County/Johnson City Animal Control Ctr
525 Sells Avenue
Johnson City TN 37604
Phone: 423-926-8769
Email: jcanimalshelter@earthlink.net
Alternate Website: http://www.tailchaser.org

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Aaron Carter said...

All of these dogs are adorable. Do they have there vaccinations? That's something that a lot of people look for at a adoption center.

Aaron | http://www.cherokeevet.com/services/