More Mason Happy Tails- Fosters and Adoptions

Theo (Mr T.)

Spice Girl

"I fostered 3 dogs and a Siamese cat (injured in the fire)*, they have all been adopted and still with their families, living the good life. All 3 were in bad shape physically and of course needed training. I still hear from the families and each one is very devoted to their new family member. I am amazed at the quality of the adopters FFN has. The Siamese boy, Theo is still with me, I just couldn't let him go!

The one that stays with me the most is Spice Girl. She was skin and bone, full of ticks, fleas and mange. She found a stay at home Mom and daily trips to the park with her new brother!


The fire at Mason was actually an explosion. The workers were installing a new gas furnace. When they lit it, the gas exploded. Many cats died, some dogs, and some puppies. The shelter workers tried to go in and save them, but were pushed back by flames/smoke and one went to the hospital. One worker did manage to open the kennels and many of the dogs ran away, but most returned over the next few days. My Siamese was found 2 days later, curled up with some dogs in the one room left standing. He did suffer smoke inhalation and spent some time at the vet, when I got him his fur was singed. To top everything off, a news crew was there, filming the installation, it was heartbreaking. I'm sure the film clip is still around. It was on Mason's web page for a long time."


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