If you forget about the presidential race, there is a lot to be happy about today! Post #1

Email received from HFA (Help For Animals)3/25: I have notified the board of this final contribution and they are thrilled, as am I! Our president has told me to let you know that this account is considered paid in full! Thank you so much for all of your efforts. I know this debt was never yours to begin with, and the work you have put into this matter is awesome. You all really can move mountains!!! Thanks
Our heartfelt thanks go out to the many supporters who contributed toward paying down the debt that was left behind by the group that was running the shelter last year. Especially to that final sponsor who made a lump sum payment that has finally allowed us to put this behind us for good!
Thank you also to the staff at HFA who never turned away any animals that needed vetting despite being left with an unpaid bill of over $8,000 last summer, and for forgiving part of this debt at the end of this lengthy process. We greatly appreciate your continued support!
We can now reopen our sponsorship program for new animals coming into the shelter."

Mason County Animal Shelter

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