THROUGH A DOG'S EAR by Joshua Leeds and Susan Wagner DVM

"You know that your dog’s hearing is very sensitive, but did you know that you can create an environment of sound to improve the health and well being of your canine companion? Now psychoacoustic expert Joshua Leeds and veterinary neurologist Susan Wagner show you how with Through a Dog’s Ear.

Using the latest science on how dogs hear and react to sound, Leeds and Wagner provide a treasury of fresh insight on the inner auditory life of our best friends, including:

  • How to use sound as a tool to help alleviate separation anxiety, excitement with visitors, thunderstorm panic, and other behavior challenges
  • For nervous dogs: tips and tricks for making any house or apartment more comfortable for canines
  • Sensory confusion, over- and under-stimulation, the orienting response, and keys to understanding how our dogs hear the human world
  • 45-minute starter CD of classical music psychoacoustically designed to soothe and relax dogs—and their human companions
If you’ve ever wondered what’s really happening when your furry friend perks up her ears and cocks her head—or when she hides under the bed—here is the first book to examine the powerful effect of the human soundscape on canines. Through a Dog’s Ear provides an indispensable source of cutting-edge research, heartwarming stories, and practical sound-based solutions to help your dog live a happier and healthier life."


I've heard some shelters are playing classical music for their animals. What a great idea!

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