Happy Tails * Maggie. Post #3

I have fostered so many of the Mason dogs, my son's family adopted one as a puppy and she is a very sweet canine member of the family. But I was writing on the last one I fostered. Her name was Maggie a black cocker spaniel who was a very special puppy. I fostered her in December of the past year and she was a God sent to me through my Mothers passing away. She never left my side. My own doggies accepted her as part of the family. It broke my heart when she left but being a foster for a rescue the most important thing is for these special babies to find great homes.
She was adopted by a very special family who already had a rescued cocker spaniel. They have sent me pictures and emailed me that she is such a great part of their family. She has bonded with the other cocker spaniel and sleeps with her new Mommy and Daddy. She is playing ball with the young son and now has a great family to call her own. Many of my fosters from Mason have found very loving homes but Maggie has left a very special place in my heart. Enclosed is a picture before she got adopted than also a picture of her new haircut from her new Mommy.

Rose S.( Volunteer for Furry Friends)

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