My Adoption Story by Maisie Moo McGuire - former Mason resident

Well I have lived in my new house for 11 months now and I LOVE it!!

I lived at Mason County Animal Shelter for a while with my puppies until I was rescued by Furry Friends. I was a little confused at first and was a little destructive and naughty for the first few weeks (I even ate the remote control!), but my big brother Sam (who also came from WV) showed me the ropes. Now I have learned how to snuggle in a big king sized with the family, how it is not wise to chase the cats, (they have claws you know) and how to look extra cute so that I get bones and treats!!! Sam was really good at teaching me that one!!

I have a nice big yard to run around in, and I have even learned how to crawl under the deck so that I can chase the rabbits out. I even got to go to the beach this summer for a week. I used to be a little scared of the car, probably because I once had to make a trip from WV to NY and back in one day, when the rescue wouldn’t there wouldn’t take me, so what if I had mange!!! Luckily Furry Friends didn’t care, and I have now learned that the car is good, I get to go to the toy store, the dog park and just this weekend I got to go to the Walk for Life fun walk and Woofstock!!! Now I get so excited when I see the car keys come out!!!

I am so thankful to Furry Friends for getting me out of the shelter in WV, my puppies had been rescued already and I was getting a little worried because I wasn’t a fuzzy puppy, but luckily Furry Friends doesn’t discriminate by age. They believe that every animal deserves a chance at a new life. The best thing about my new house is that mommy and daddy just adopted a new kitty that I love, he plays with me and I even try to pick him up and carry him around... and he lets me!!!

I only hope that more people read my happy story and adopt a Mason dog. I have so many friends still looking for homes. My mom and dad said that they are so happy that they found out about Mason County, they said that adopting Sam and I has made their lives complete and made them a real family. I sure know that I love finally being able to call myself part of a family.

P.S. I'm the black dog.

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