Let's Not Forget West Virginia Cats

Country Barnyard

Cats and kittens, kittens and cats
under the barn and under the shed;
a face by the steps, a tail by the ramp
and off they go, if they hear a tread!

Sleep in the sun with one eye on guard,
doze in the grass with a listening ear,
run for the darkness under the barn
as soon as a human being draws near!

Not quite wild and not quite tame,
thin and limber, with hungry eye:
the house cat sits at the kitchen door
disdainfully watching her kin go by.

Elizabeth Coatsworth

Here are 2 WV cats in need of homes.

Jax is a male - about 10 years old.

Cicely is a female calico age 6 She is shy at first, but very affectionate. “I don't like to be held, but you can pet me."

Jake and Cicely are at

Animal Friends of North Central West Virginia

252 Brewer Road
Morgantown, WV 26508

Visit our web site for a list of upcoming events and other info at: http://www.animalfriendswv.org/

Email: dltsgs@aol.com
Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

Here is a link to a group that is helping homeless cats in WV.

Cat Rescue Group For West Virginia Cats


"This group is for WV shelters to network with cat rescuers and adopters in the northeast and states surrounding WV.

CATS, KITTENS, and PREGNANT MOM CATS needing rescue/adoption from WV shelters are the only topics considered appropriate for this group. Off-topic discussions should take place via private email.

Shelters, PREGNANT MOMS should only be placed with RESCUES.

That cat overpopulation problem in WV is just as big (if not bigger than) the dog overpopuation problem, yet very few shelters get offers of help from rescues for their cats. Which means many cats in WV shelters are being euthanized due to overcrowding."


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