UPDATE * Charlotte, NC - 2 Pure Breed Great Pyrenees are Critical !! - Moving. N.C.

Hi, everyone,
I apologize to those of you who may receive this email twice. Thank you all so much for your replies and offer to help with the two Great Pyrenees dogs in Charlotte who had less than a week to find a permanent or foster home! I am trying to get back to everyone in a timely manner, but the response has been overwhelming to say the least and that rarely happens. It's been hard to keep up with the calls and emails, but that is actually a great problem to have!
We have found a permanent home for both dogs and they will be adopted together! They will be adopted this Fri or Sat by a kind man and his family. Local rescuer, Annie Ransom, found them and went with them to meet the dogs 2 days ago. They will be adopting both dogs this weekend. We have 2 local backup homes just in case. Thank you to Patty Galloway, another local rescuer, who helped find a terrific backup home and to those of you who offered to foster or adopt. Thank you to all those who forwarded the email on. We will be able to help place some other G Pry dogs in some of the respondents homes so it was totally worthwhile because of your help!!!
Erin Powell
Board of Directors
P.O. Box 30484
Charlotte, NC 28230
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Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 11:49 AM
2 Pure Breed Great Pyrenees are Critical !! - Moving in less than 1 week

PRIVATE PET OWNER LEAVING FOR EUROPE has young healthy, housebroken / HW Neg. etc. and neuter paid for.

Only a few days left to save them!

From: Erin Powell EPOWELL4@carolina.rr.com (at carolina.rr.com)
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Critical - Moving in less than 1 week

Dear Rescuers;

I received a call from a young girl yesterday who was crying b/c she has not been able to find placement for her 2 Great Pyrenees in the past few months. She is moving to Europe in less than 1 week.

The info about her 2 male dogs is below. They are not fixed yet, but current on shots and HW preventative.

We can get them fixed so they don't wind up in the hands of breeders. She has kept them mainly outdoors except during the months her father is out of the country. They are potty trained and good with kids.

If you have anyone looking to adopt, please let me know ASAP!


Erin Powell
Board of Directors
P.O. Box 30484
Charlotte , NC 28230
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Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 6:09 PM
2 Pure Breed Great Pyrenees are Critical !! - Moving in less than 1 week

The dogs are Pure Great Pyrenees with registration papers
Age: 3
Name: Alan and Bak
Gender: Both Male
Temperment: Good with kids, other pets and people.
No behaivoral issues
Potty trained: yes
Medical Info: Not Fixed
Current on heartworm pills
Yearly shots due next month

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