URGENT. Because of Owner Who Does Not Take Care of Him , Jack Is In Trouble. Rescue Needed.

UPDATE: May 14, 2008* Charo the chi was adopted! Her new name is Cinnamon. She is living with a family of wonderful animal lovers and she is adored. Jack is definitely safe.

"Date posted: 5/1/2008
URGENT!! Jack has been picked up by the dog warden 3 times and returned to his owner who continues to let him run free. She doesn't take care of them, let them run free and rarely feeds them. The neighbor has been putting down food for him and his yard mate Charo who is also listed on our site. The Shelter Manager has enacted a three strikes you're out rule and doesn't want this dog to go back. We need to place her ASAP! Jack is about 2 years old and weights about 15 lbs. Rescue ONLY!"

Jack is at Mason County Animal Shelter Pt. Pleasant West Virginia.

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Anonymous said...

Are Jack and Charo safe or were they "put down"?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am a transporter and can tell you FOR SURE that Jack and Charo were on a transport list to go to Morgantown, WV.

The officials in Mason County do not care about the treatment of animals. The officials only care about their own liability and how they look to the public. Do you ever notice that there is never any type of notice about how many are being put down? That is hush hush.

Hopefully the shelter can keep the rescues pulling to keep the population down. But with "puppy" time of year coming, the population at the shelter will be going up.

The good ole boys club isn't going to tell anyone they can't have a dog (no matter what the past treatment has been) nor will they even discuss the possiblity of spay/neuter laws (that infringes on the coon hunters clubs and other voters). Instead, we'll just keep seeing beautiful, breathing, loving and devoted animals keep being mistreated, neglected and winding up in the shelter wandering what happened to their person.

Sorry, I got on my soapbox. I love the dogs - hate the people.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for telling what you know. Is there a rescue in Morgantown?
Spaying and neutering and not allowing people to have pets who did not take care of the ones they had should be mandatory. You have to wonder about the county government if they can't see how they could be contributing to the homeless animal problem. It is frustrating because without the hard work of rescuers there would be a lot more dead animals. All that you said is the reason to keep supporting Mason and shelters like them. I am really disheartened to hear county officials have no interest in spay and neuter programs.

Anonymous said...

There is a lady who is an independent rescuer who will foster dogs until she finds them proper forever homes.

I have met her and she is very nice and cares deeply for the animals.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information on Jack and Charo. It is good to know that they are safe. So many more...

Of course the commissioners (and not just Mason Co) do not care about the animals. The animals do not vote thus have no value. I suppose it is unfair to lump the officials all together, but one voice for the animals in each county seat could and would make a difference. Wonder where those voices are....
Are we being complacent in thinking the animals are not being killed because the shelters have not reached the max? Since the shelters are funded by the tax dollars of the residents, this information would need to be made public if requested. Hush hush does not cut it - the horrible information needs to go public. I bet the outcry would be loud.

Elizabeth said...

As far as I know the people who actually care for the animals at Mason are intense animallovers and do everything possible with the help of the rescue group to ensure all animals get out alive. I can't be 100% certain that all animals get out but from seeing the postings on petfinder and then seeing the transport list so far it seems like all animals have gotten out alive in the past 5 months. The rescue group has a site on yahoo that you can check out if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes what you see isn't what is actually happening. PLEASE don't bury your head in the sand. It's easy to be an intense animal lover when you have no one supervising you onsite and your supervising organization doesn't give a fig about animals. And if anyone has noticed - the usual breed(s) that the shelter used to be polluted with aren't showing up on the petfinder list like they used to. The all black dogs (lab mix), pitts, anything with the "attitude" look, beagles are limited,yes, there have been a few of each on the site but not like the past several years.

It would be quite easy for an "unadoptable" to disappear. Don't fill out the paperwork, limited people saw the animal come in - animal vanishes. Manager and dog warden are family - who's going to tell.

I agree it would be wonderful to actually have a pet supporter in the local government. And yes, they all have little pictures of their dogs they all love so much. But, it is easy for them to sentence to death the ones they don't have to see and care for everyday.

The website says if the animal is no longer on the site it is either waiting transport or been adopted. Who do they think they are kidding? Yes, so far the rescues have still been helping. But even THEY are puzzled as to what is happening to ALL the Mason County dogs.

Everything looks wonderful on the outside and it could be as it appears. But if you have worked with any type of county run shelter in WV, your gut will tell you something isn't as it seems.

Mason has had a reputation for YEARS of having an over population of unwanted animals. It just doesn't disappear over night.

The citizens owe it to the animals not to look the other way. They didn't ask to be here - that was caused by irresponsible pet owners.

Elizabeth said...

It is apparent you care about animals. It is true there is a lot of killing at shelters where the manging organization doesn't care or decides certain dogs are unadoptable. I believe what the rescue people and transporters tell me about Mason. But the only way to know about a shelter is to volunteer there, work there or visit. If you live near Mason maybe you can do one of those three things. I imagine legally there should be a list of who was adopted, rescued, or euthed at a shelter. I don't know if this is a city, state or federal requirement.I don't know if Mason is required to have a list or have a list that the public can view. That is a question you need to ask the county government. It is good not to be complacent but it is most important to get proof of any wrong doings that are going on in a shelter(if you suspect there are wrongdoings) and let the public know and work for change, not giving up until the changes are made.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that

Don't believe everything you hear from outsiders unless you have been there. And the only way to know the truth is to be there every second - not a reality.

In a lily white world, there should be required public records but once again - someone with integrity would have to monitor. That is in short supply around here.