Eight Belles' Death R.I.P. Beautiful Girl

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This blog's purpose is to save shelter animals. When I heard about the euthanization of Eight Belles ON the Kentucky Derby track and saw her picture, I was so saddened, I had to write this post. I never watch horse races or dogs races or any sport where an animal can be endangered. Why would anyone who cares about animals participate in sports where animals can be hurt? In my opinion it is about greed, some crazy need to win as a symbol of power, and wrong thinking about the place of the animal kingdom in our world. Horse racing, cock fighting, dog fighting all these sport have been around forever.

I know I am anthropomorphizing when I imagine Eight Belles lying on the Kentucky Derby track in pain. Was she confused, afraid, disoriented? She had just run a great race (came in second). What was her reward? Her life was to be ended as the winner was praised. One life going forward. One life ended and for what? I hope the Horse Racing Commission starts to be made accountable for these deaths.

Who cares about victory when animals die to gain it? I don't believe people are bloodthirsty or cruel, but perhaps (we) are. All the people who bet on animals in races need to understand they are inherently cruel sports and can cause death. And if they know this already, they need to do some soul searching, if they are capable of that kind of thinking.

There is a lot about horse racing that is not ethical and endangers the animal. Eight Belles was young. Her bones were not as strong as an older horse's. Who decided to make her race? I hope their heart is broken as many of the hearts are of people who saw a beautiful young horse with years of life ahead of her put down on the prestigious Kentucky Derby Track.



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Wonderful post, very well said.