UPDATE 6/5/08 Mason County Animal Shelter/Petfinder site updated on 5-16, transport to the Northeast available 5-24! PA--NY-CT-MA- NH

Petfinder site updated on 5-16, transport to the Northeast available 5-24! PA--NY-CT-MA- NH

This is a paid transport and the costs are as follows:
$50 for 40 lbs and over
$40 for 30-40 lbs
$30 for 20-30 lbs
$20 for under 20 lbs
Multiple pups varies...please inquire

Rescues, please contact Candice at
MCASRescues- owner@yahoogroup s.com

(yahoogroups. com) to inquirer.
Rescue app: Join this group and the app will kick
out to you automatically: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/MCASRescue s
If you need more info on health/temperament than what is in
the Petfinder listing, call Betty at the shelter: 304-675-6458.
This is a kill shelter. Mandatory euth point is 50 dogs or 36 cats.
Sponsors welcome! See sponsorship info on our Petfinder home page.
http://masoncounty. petfinder. com URGENT DOGS!
Scooter RESCUED!!!-
Rescues, BEGGING, we need to find this boy a safe haven and FAST his HW treatment has been sponsored!!

Libby - Doesn't understand why her neighbors have come and gone she is still waiting. :( She is camera shy so her pictures don't do her justice. She is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Jake - This sweet boy spent the majority of his life loving an elderly man that had to go to
a nursing home last year. It broke both their hearts. Please give him a chance for a few good
years left to love. He has been in foster care at Sara's for a year, he deserves a
retirment home of his own. PLEASE HELP JAKE!


Anonymous said...

If someone has any information about the dog named "Jake" on the following webpage:

We just adopted him, I know its him, from a rescue group in Annapolis, Maryland. We live in Delaware. Please email me if you have any information about this dog's early life. He's a wonderful dog, and we love him very much.



Elizabeth said...

I wonder if the shelter manager at Mason would know anything. You might call the shelter.
I am so happy to hear Jake has a home where people love him.

Elizabeth said...

I was in touch with the rescuer who rescued Jake and she still has him so I think you have another dog who is very lucky to be so loved. The Mason Jake still needs a home.