Meet Toby ,Yellow Lab Mix and Read How One Animal Lover is Helping Homeless WV Animals

Date posted: 5/13/2008 ~ Courtesy Post

This dog is being courtesy posted for Sara, a longtime supporter of Mason County.

Toby is one goofy boy! He loves to play, and has tons of energy. He is one big muscle, and can jump tall fences...
so keeping him in will be fun!! He plays well with all others.

Sara fosters the dogs for the Putnam Co. Humane Society in Hurricane WV.
Most of the dogs listed on the Putnam Co website are actually being cared for by
Sara and her Husband, private residents/animal lovers living in Red House, WV.
They are seeking help from rescues to get these dogs placed in indoor homes.
They are not an official "organization" , just animal lovers trying to help these dogs.
Dogs are pulled from the local shelter, then quarantined for health, then introduced
to their dog population. They have their OWN dog building, complete with concrete floor
with a drain in the center, air conditioning, and crates. Dogs are crate trained and fully vetted prior
to transport and exercised daily in a 3/4 acre fenced yard.

Vetting is available at a reasonable rate and transport is available to almost anywhere!
If you are interested in rescuing one of these great dogs, please contact Sara at Chloewan@verizon. net

Sara's Other Dogs: Putnam Co Humane

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