Can You Imagine What It Must Be Like For the People and Animals in Beruit?

streets of Beirut

In the last seven months BETA struggled hard to become

an organization to be proud of while working under very

difficult circumstances. Thanks to your support, our team

efforts, and our executive director - we made it... However,

as we hope you are all aware of, due to the recent fighting

throughout Lebanon we are stuck again. While barricades

and fighting stopped many people from moving about in

the streets, gun shots and grenades kept others locked

inside their homes. Some of our team members were

victims of this situation, one worker was stuck inside

his apartment and desperately needed our help to get out.

While two essential team members were stranded outside

the country, another cofounder finally had to evacuate

her apartment after gunfire pierced the windows.

The country is in crisis, with flights being cancelled

and borders being closed.

Though we all wish this would end immediately, we have

no idea what the coming days will bring and we have no

option now but to prepare for the worst. We might not be able to

offer our animals 100% safety - as we are in danger ourselves –

but we want to make sure that there are enough supplies

. We need to stockpile food, medicine and basic supplies for

all the animals in our care. Local fundraising has

understandably dried up, but with your help we will get through this.

As always, donations can be made with credit cards on

our website -

Thanks to Animal People - -

anyone can now donate to BETA through them, and this should

also make it tax deductible for US residents.

Please send checks to -

Animal People

PO Box 960

Clinton WA 98236




To keep you close to us and updated, we have created a blog

to share with you our personal experiences. Your support

means so much to the animals and us, and sharing is the least

we can do. Please go to

and we will try to keep you updated on a daily basis until

this ends.

To contact us please write to

Sincerely, Beta Board

streets of Beirut

The instability in Lebanon has caused difficulties before for Beta.
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