Kentucky Animal Shelter Struggling. REALLY NEEDS HELP or COULD CLOSE

Post subject: Many with special needs/continuing care. Leitchfield, KY

Grayson County Humane Society cares for and works for the pets that are surrendered to the Leitchfield Animal Shelter in Leitchfield, KY. Working to keep each pet alive and searching for treatment and rescue for them is a full time job. We have had three fundraisers in the last 7 months but still are not able to keep up with the vet costs to care for these pets.
JBird still has an outstanding balance at the vets.
Bess the Bassett Hound had $260 worth of heartworm treatment before she went to rescue. The rescue did not reimburse for the treatment and Bess' balance carries on.
Bentley, Ariel and Beaumont have all been treated for mange and did not have sponsors. Beaumont has moved on to rescue but they reimbursed for basic vetting only.
Mr. Majestik, Demi, Jelly, Nimbus, Sugar Ray, Jenny G, America, Montgomery, Howard and many other cats have received additional care for skin, ear, eye, parasite and other issues. Just buying Revolution, wormer and earmite treatment for the cat room is a phenomenal cost each month. Now we are well into tick season and are buying Frontline for all the dogs.
Cats always need sponsors to get to rescue.
Dog sponsors sometimes help them get to rescue.
If anyone has a suggestion for fundraisers with low amt of volunteer involvement we are very desperate at this time. Our bank balance is half of what we owe at the vets. The s/n clinic bill must be paid. The annual insurance bill is now over $1000 with the add ons the city required and is due by the 25th of the month. Our pet food/Science Diet bill is due each week.
We have hit a wall on the coin banks locally. No one wants to add any others. We already send in used cell phones and cartridges, sell collected aluminum cans and we are holding a yard sale of donated items next weekend. We usually only get about $700 per yard sale. We have a WalMart day scheduled for June 7th but we usually put our own donations in to get to the $1000 funds for matching.
The chili supper/auction is not until October.
We are registered for GoodSearch, GoodShop.
the reason i say low volunteer involvement is there are only 4 of us there many days a week and two more there 1 day a week each. Two of us have FT jobs M-F. Two have relatives they have to care for when they aren't at the shelter.
We have to get some bills paid or we will not keep the shelter open long term.

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