UPDATE 5/16/08 Libby and Moo Don't Understand Why All Their Neighbors Have Come and Gone And They Are Still Waiting.



Mason County Animal Shelter, Pt Pleasant WV
http://masoncounty. petfinder. com

Transport to the Northeast available 5-10!

This is a kill shelter. Mandatory euth point is 50 dogs or 36 cats. Sponsors welcome! See sponsorship info on our Petfinder home page.
http://masoncounty. petfinder. com

Join us on the Best Friends Network: http://network. bestfriends. org/mcas Join our mailing list: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/MasonCoAS
Rescues, please contact Candice at MCASRescues- owner@yahoogroup s.com (yahoogroups. com) to inquire.

Rescue app: Join this group and the app will kick out to you automatically: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/MCASRescue s

If you need more info on health/temperament than what is in the Petfinder listing, call Betty at the shelter: 304-675-6458.


Rachel Paap said...


I wonder if your fantastic blog has helped to save some of these gorgeous lives..?? Do you track that?

I would love to chat with you - we have a lot in common.
Please visit my website and email me at your earliest convenience: www.RPworx.org

Anonymous said...

Was Moo adopted? And what about Jack and his pal - the two dogs who had an owner who did not give a damn about them and let them run?

Elizabeth said...

Petfinder is updated daily. If an animal is no longer visible on Petfinder, it means they are pending adoption or rescue. If they are still visible on Petfinder, they are still in need of a home.

Because the limit of animals in the shelter was below the euth level requirement, I am certain they are fine and were rescued or adopted. If I can get specific info as to where they went, I will post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you , Elizabeth, for checking on these babies. We all know that the dogs and cats are in the shelters because of people who have no respect or compassion for animals. Makes one wonder about the people in their lives and if they are also treated so shabbily.
I was esp worried about these 3-they did not show up as being SAVED.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone tracking how many aren't making it out alive?
Unless the residents of Mason County have smartened up and are spaying and neutering everything in site including the commissioners there is no way everyone is making it out alive.

Anonymous said...

Mason County is just one of many kill shelters, but I believe they are doing their best for the animals. They HAVE to take in all animals-rescues can pick and choose. Until pet owners take responsibility and care for their animals there will always be way too many homeless animals with no room for them all.
The county commissioners can do a better job with the animals that their citizens throw away, but I bet they do not. Animals have low priority in the county governing scheme of things. Shame on them for allowing their residents to go unpunished for being so irresponsible.

Elizabeth said...

Spaying and neutering is essential to reduce the number of homeless animals as is humane education. You make a great point.

The rescue group associated with Mason does a fantastic job finding these animals new beginnings. If you look at their petfinder site frequently, you can see they have been able to keep the dog and cat numbers under the limit required by county before euth kicks in for a long time because of the non-stop efforts of the volunteers, generous supporters, and shelter management. This includes Internet networking by bloggers like myself.

You can read more about the journey this shelter has taken at

Shelters and rescues need our support. Don't forgetthe animals. Be proactive.