4/8/10 Grady Golden Retriever Mix & Ernie Handsome Pit Bull Mix Not Doing Well Emotionally or Physically in NY Shelter. Need Temporary Foster, Adopter or Foster. Please Read Post.. They Need Attention. Can You Give Them Love?

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Two Hi-Tor Dogs Must find foster homes THIS WEEK!

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From: Sharon
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 05:41:19 PM -0400
Subject: Two Hi-Tor Dogs Must find foster homes THIS WEEK!

Dear friends,

I am a board member of the Hi-Tor Animal Care Center in Rockland County
writing to you all on behalf of two dogs, Ernie & Grady, who have
deteriorated, both emotionally and physically, in our shelter which is
currently at full capacity. The shelter is so completely full and if these
two dogs do not find foster or permanent homes SOON, I fear they may not
make it. If anyone can provide *temporary foster care* or even a permanent
home (wishfully thinking) it would make a world of difference, not just for
the dogs but for the shelter. Can you help?

1. GRADY. He is a one year-old neutered Golden Retriever mix who came from
a home that had several dogs. When Grady was surrendered to the shelter a
few months ago, we thought he would be scooped up and adopted immediately
being that he is a lovely, gentle, and friendly soul who adores people and
other animals. However, soon after he arrived he developed mange (not the
contagious kind) and he has gone severely downhill since then. He has been
on a series of antibiotics that seem to be doing the job, however the stress
of being in a kennel has not helped Grady at all and he REALLY NEEDS TO
RECOVER IN A GOOD HOME and be loved again.

2. ERNIE. He is a one year-old Pit Bull mix I found wandering in the
middle of a road at night wearing nothing but a harness and a smile. He sat
in my lap the entire car ride to the vet where he was given a general check
up and found to be in good overall health. He curled up in my lap once
again and proceeded to go to sleep on the ride from the vet to the shelter.
He was great on a leash, knew how to sit on command and loved giving me
Unfortunately, the shelter environment has taken a SERIOUS toll on this poor
boy who is literally bouncing off the walls begging to get out of there.
His days are limited, as I was told today, and I would hate it if this boy
never got a second chance to prove himself to the world.

Both dogs are up-to-date on all vaccinations and ready to get out of the
shelter TODAY!!

PLEASE, if you or someone you know is willing to foster or adopt these
lovely boys contact me immediately, ANY TIME at (914) 548-9098 or email me
at sharon@...

Grady's and Ernie's photos are attached for you all to see. If you have ANY
questions, don't hesitate to contact me. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!


Pictures of Grady and Ernie.


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