4/21/10 Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:42 am Post subject: Killingly CT: Dogs in Danger. Don't Forget Dogs and Cats In New England Who are in KILL SHELTERS

Rescues and adopters, please remember that
there are dogs and cats in New England who are 
at Kill Shelters. Please Adopt and Rescue Them.
  Many of them are owner surrendered or 
left at the shelter due to elderly owners' deaths
and or foreclosure.

The North East Regional Animal Control
 is at capacity, with over 27 dogs. Breeds includes
Golden Retrievers, Shelties, Border 
a Clumber Spaniel mix. Not all dogs are on the site
. Diane, the ACO, is wonderful but 
cannot keep up with the numbers of dogs and cats
surrendered due to people losing
their homes and the elderly passing away,
leaving their animals behind. PF link below.


 North East Regional Animal Control
The regional shelter serves the towns of Brooklyn, Canterbury, Killingly, 
Pomfret, Sterling, and Woodstock.  
 125 Putnam Pike
Dayville, CT 06241
Phone: 860-774-1253

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