RIP TIMMY.UPDATE ADDED CONTACT NAME 4/2/10 " Timmy's human mom Sarah told me that Timmy had escaped their fence a few months ago and was attacked by a neighborhood dog." Please Give Timmy a Chance! Georgia

E-mail from rescuer- Petra
"Please read little Timmy's story.  Little Timmy was one of my all-time favorite dogs at Liberty County Animal Control.  Last year in May I brought him to an adopt-a-thon along with several other dogs.  As most of you know, black dogs are usually the last to make it out of kill shelters or they don't make it out at all.  But Timmy's personality was shining like the sun on a hot summer's day.  He was the star of the pack and though he was not among the first to get adopted nobody could pass him by without a pat on the head or a kind word.  Timmy soaked it in like a sponge, happily smiling and panting away in excitement.  He gave all of us plenty to smile and laugh about with his cute and funny ways.  At the time, he was just a puppy of about 4-5 months of age.  
Below is what I had sent out as his original posting almost a year ago:
Timmy, Black Labrador mix (4-5 months old):
I was there when the kennel tech brought little Timmy into the back.  He looked so frightened that he reminded me to a little child looking for his parents.  He was placed in a cell all by himself and looked so very lost when I approached.  I went inside and it immediately became aware that he thought I was going to hit him, which just made my heart ache.  How could anyone hit such a small animal, any animal really.  I did not make him come out into the field at first, but I sat with him a while and softly spoke to him.  Slowly he inched closer and eventually he laid his head into my lap - though ready to run.  I decided to put another little dog his size into his cell with him and I believe that made him a little more comfortable.  Timmy is obviously a Black Labrador Retriever or mix with the most precious markings.  The white on his paws makes him look as if he is wearing little footsies.   His coat is short and very soft.  He is only around 4-5 months old and came in with a collar that is fitting too tight.  I worry about him more than most of the dogs there because it truly seems that he has a wounded spirit.  Can you repair his soul by showing him that not all humans are bad and that he can have a family that he can trust for the rest of his life?

Back at the adopt-a-thon, along came a father and his son.  The young boy was going back and forth between Timmy and another Black Labrador mix pup but it soon became obvious that Timmy was the one that drew him in.  The boy kept smiling at Timmy and finally told his dad that Timmy was the one he wanted to bring home.  I was overjoyed!  I had had little hope for my black dogs at the adopt-a-thon that day but since Timmy had already taken over my heart I had worried about him the most.  After a few weeks I received an e-mail from Timmy's new family telling me that he is doing wonderful and gets along great with everyone in the home, including the other pets.  Shortly thereafter I received proof in the mail that Timmy was now neutered, too.  Time went on - almost an entire year has past - and I must admit that I forgot about Timmy since there are so many animals coming in every day; and every week there are other favorites, new little souls that were mistreated, neglected or abandoned or all of it together. 

The months went by and suddenly I received another e-mail from Timmy's family.  I read the e-mail at least 5 times before I replied...  My heart sank...  It made me so sad that, at first, I couldn't find the words to respond.  Timmy's human mom Sarah told me that Timmy had escaped their fence a few months ago and was attacked by a neighborhood dog.  After he recovered from the attack, he suddenly became weary of strangers and their other dogs; then, the day came where he attacked their neighbor's son, which scared her 2 little girls.  Timmy is still very much loved by his human mom and dad and most of all by their son Samuel, the boy who saved his life and who is very attached to Timmy to this day.  Sarah told me Timmy is so smart and loveable with them, but she also went on to tell me that their neighbor has now threatened to hurt Timmy if they don't "get rid of him," which of course has the family very concerned, as does the fact that their little girls are no longer comfortable being around Timmy.

As I kept reading the e-mail over and over, I started wondering what had really happened to make Timmy act out.  I could not imagine that a dog attack would make him want to attack a neighbor's child.  Make him weary of other dogs, yes; but not children!  I finally replied to Sarah and shared my thought's with her.  When her reply came, I received the answer I had expected.  Sarah told me in her own words: "I have been told by my children that the neighbor's child hit Timmy with sticks through the fence.  I do believe that this is a huge part of the problem that we are facing. Unfortunately, I just don't see there being a good end to this. I figured that it would be hard to find someone to take Timmy with the issues he is facing. Please don't worry about finding him a home. I will do what I can and hope for the best. I am just sad about the whole thing."
Well, there is no way that I can just let this happen without at least trying to find another option for Timmy.  He is a GOOD dog that got caught up in bad circumstances.  The day he escaped his fence he was not expecting to get attacked by another dog but expecting to do what all young curious dogs would do - explore and make friends.  When his neighbors son was beating him with sticks through the fence, Timmy started associating pain with this boy and finally went to stand up for himself and put an end to the attacks.  Why should anyone take repeated beatings without defending himself?!  But isn't it ironic that, even though the neighbors son is at fault, the neighbor now puts all the blame on Timmy and even threatens the family if they don't do away with him.  What is this neighbor teaching his son?  He is teaching him that it's okay to inflict pain on animals and that the human is always right, no matter the circumstances. 
So I ask you, do you feel it's right that Timmy now has to pay and end up on the cold metal exam table of a vet's office and not make it off that table until his final breath has left his body?  No, it's not right!  It was clear that Timmy had already had a rough puppy life when he arrived at Liberty County Animal Control, shaking in fear with a color that had already outgrown his little puppy body; but he was saved and put all of his trust into his new family who loved and took care of him.  Outside factors made him act out.  He deserves a real chance.  Timmy needs a place where he can once again realize that not all humans will beat him with sticks and not all dogs will attack him.  Of course the best home for Timmy would be that without small children; though, he should be slowly reintroduced to children and I know he will forget what happened with the mean neighbor's son.  Is there anyone out there who can help Timmy get a new life?  I know that his current family would be ever so happy if they knew him in good hands and Timmy's friend Samuel would not have to deal with the loss of his best friend through an artificial, forced and untimely death...    

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Anonymous said...

Since Timmy now has a stigma of biting and is very fearful of other dogs, I would suggest the owners get in touch with Best Friends. They do a wonderful job with animals that have suffered either with bad owners or bad situations. If they take him, he will have a home for the rest of his life if he does not get adopted.

Raining Cats and Dogs said...

Great idea. I will suggest this to the rescue person who is in contact with them.