4/4/10 Beagles at Mason County Animal Shelter WV Urgent. Shelter Also Needs Local Volunteers to Foster Animals and Walk Dogs.



Info from website
" Long Distance Adoptions
If you do not live close to our shelter but would like to adopt a dog or cat from us, please 


and we will try to put you in contact with a rescue near you. We deal with quite a few rescues in the northeast. Please put "Adoption inquiry from (your city/state)" in the subject line. You can apply to adopt through the rescue, and they will handle your application and screening process. The rescue can then make all of the arrangements with the shelter for you. 


Volunteer help needed:

Local foster homes for cats
Local foster homes for dogs
Shelter/Kennel help
Dog walkers
Certified dog trainers
Photographing animals for Petfinder.

Transport drivers (Saturday mornings):
Pt Pleasant WV to Clarksburg WV
Clarksburg WV to Cumberland MD
Cumberland MD to Hagerstown MD"

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