4/8/10 Dog Shot in Trimble need donations and rescue. KY

Sent: Thu, Apr 8, 2010 11:47 am
Subject: Dog Shot in Trimble need donations and rescue

This poor baby was shot day before yesterday.
He is a very sweet and mild mannerd dog. He was
shot thru his throat and the bullet exited below his eye.
He jaw is completely crushed and the vet hopes that
new bone will grow some to help. There was nothing 
to wire together so the poor thing has to eat soupy
food for several weeks to let the jaw mend itself.
I am leaving town on April 23 for 9 days and would 
love to find a rescue before then. We are a non profit
group who has little money and lots of injured and
sick dogs that we care for. Any dontations can be
made to the Carroll Co Animal Clinic at 502-732-9998.
Ask for Lindsey. Permission to cross post.
Carroll Co Animal Support

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