4/12/10 Trying to find a home or reputable rescue for the German Shep. mix in the email below.Shelbyville, KY.

"Trying to find a home for the German Shep. mix in the email below..............


Subject: Spice Girl- needs a home . Sweet GSD mix in Shelbyville, KY
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 12:08:02 -0400

Please help and crosspost.   
This sweet dog was found by my neighbor and we are looking to find her a home before he has to take her to the animal shelter.
( she is chasing horses and we are afraid she will get hurt by the horses or hit by a car)

See info below pic.

Thanks !
Tracie Lennon

 My neighbor found this sweet GSD mix when she was pregnant and took her in. The pups went to rescue but Mom still needs a home.
She is a very, sweet, loving young girl (maybe about a year old)  who is housebroken, crate trained, great with kids and with other dogs.
She listens well, is very eager to please and is smart.

She needs a fenced in yard as she has started to chase the horses and is wandering. We don’t want her to get hit by a car and I have found her up by the road a few times.

 We need to find her a home otherwise they have to bring her to the local animal shelter, and then who knows her fate.

I can personally attest to  the fact that she is a great dog. ( I would take her but I have 7 right now and can’t take on another).

 If anyone is interested in her or you know of a reputable rescue that would take her please call me at 502 395 0254 ( email t.lennon@insightbb.com)
Or call my neighbor Randy at 502 682 3124 or email:  myDADhunts@aol.com

Thanks So much !

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