2/8/10 Mom & Nursing Babies Euth Date Wed Unless Rescued Rome Georgia. Please They Are Nursing Babies. Please Help.

10d-0295-303 (8 pups) Hound, Brittany Spaniel [Mix] Medium Adult Female Dog THIS MAMA AND HER EIGHT PUPPIES HAVE A SPONSOR WHO WILL CONTRIBUTE $100 TO THE RESCUE THAT SAVES THEM! PLEASE EMAIL Margaret at mrenowi@yahoo. com (@yahoo.com) and I will forward your contact information to the sponsor.
I am a single Mom with 8 mouths to feed, not including myself. My babies are adorable and well mannered, as babies go. We have been displaced and need your help to find us a loving home. Can you help this needy family? We will be available for adoption on 02/09/10. PLEASE PLACE A RESCUE HOLD ON THIS LITTLE FAMILY BY TUESDAY AT 6:00PM--CAN ONLY BE HELD FOR RESCUE ON THE APPROVED LIST AT FLOYD! BUT IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THIS FAMILY, THERE ARE RESCUES THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO PULL UNDER THEIR LICENSE--SEE CONTACT INFORMATION IF YOU NEED HELP! contact information for the shelter:
FLOYD CO...UNTY ANIMAL CONTROLTelephone number: 706-236-4545 Fax number: 706-233-0032 EMAIL: Jason Broome, Director, at broomej@floydcounty ga.orgVolunteer Rescue/Adoption office at floydrescue@ gmail.com ***IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE & A REFERRAL TO LOCAL VOLUNTEERS OR SOMEONE WHO CAN PULL AN ANIMAL FOR YOU FROM THE SHELTER PLEASE CONTACT THE VOLUNTEER RESCUE/....ADOPTION OFFICE AT FLOYD DURING BUSINESS HOURS.Call 706-236-4545 between the hours of 10:00AM and 5:00PM (the shelter is open until 6:00pm but the telephone is not answered after 5:00PM) and ask for the volunteer rescue coordinator, or email floydrescue@ gmail.com (@gmail.com)You may also email Margaret at mrenowi@yahoo. com (@yahoo.com) for a referral to volunteers and rescues that can assist you to pull from Floyd. ***TRANSPORT MUST BE ARRANGED BY THE RECEIVING RESCUE! IF YOU WISH TO SPONSOR AN ANIMAL FOR RESCUE, PLEASE EMAIL Margaret at mrenowi@yahoo. com (@yahoo.com) . I WILL ADD YOUR SPONSORSHIP OFFER TO THE POST! THERE ARE NO PULL FEES FOR RESCUES AT FLOYD COUNTY AC, SO SPONSORSHIP FUNDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE RECEIVING RESCUE!***IF YOU WISH TO BE APPROVED TO RESCUE FROM FLOYD COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL, YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE THE FOLLOWING STEPS: 1) Complete a Rescue Group Application, which you can obtain by visiting Floyd County Animal Control's website at the following link: http://www.floydcountyga.org/Animal%20Control/RescueGroups.htm FAX OR MAIL THE COMPLETED APPLICATION, A COPY OF YOUR STATE ISSUED LICENSE, AND THE AUTHORIZED AGENTS LIST TO FLOYD COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL AT: fax number: 706-233-0032 ATTN: DIRECTOR JASON BROOME OR MAIL TO: FLOYD COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL P. O. BOX 946 ROME, GA 30162-0946 If you are an out of state rescue and do not know any local volunteers to include on your list of authorized agents, please email Margaret at mrenowi@yahoo. com (@yahoo.com) and I will ask the local volunteers I know if they are willing to act as authorized agents for your rescue.

New Beginnings Animal Rescue, Inc.
Licensed by the Department of Agriculture
Official 501(c)3 non-profit status

Please remember to Spay/Neuter your pet. The number one cause of death in healthy animals in the US is euthanasia. Please adopt!

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