2/1/10 Cats and Kittens at HIGH KILL GASSING POUND OH "high-kill facility again, to the point that they are now selling dead cats to research,"

Cat 28 Young playful & friendly Taupe & Black DSH Bengal Tiger
what a "sleepy, I'm so loveable look"!!!!
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks CHARLOTTE!!!
Cat 18 Young Taupe & black DSH Tiger sweet and friendly

Cat 17 Young adult Blond DSH Tiger gentle & friendly
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks PETER/JEN!!!

Cat 16 Young Taupe & gray DSH Tiger
appears to have a little pink collar on :(
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks REGINA!!!

This sad kitty needs to be loved.
Cat 14 Adult DSH taupe, black & white tabby very scared
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks JULIE!!!
Sponsored for $5 - Thanks Clare!!!
Extremely handsome young taupe, black & white DSH tabby very sweet
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks Lindsey!!!

Cat 711 Young DSH Bengal markings 3-4 months scared! female
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks REGINA!!!
Cat 699 Absolutely beautiful black DSH female with wisp of white on chest
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks SHARON!!!
Playful Taupe & black DSH Tiger MALE
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks Lindsey!!!

Young DSH Black FEMALE, very skinny
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks Donna!!!
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks SHARON!!!
Cat 687 Tan & taupe & black DSH Tiger very distinctive markings & friendly MALE
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks PAULA!!!
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks SHARON!!!
Cat 637 Sweet young adult taupe & gray DSH Tiger - MALE - Huge!!
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks PAULA!!!
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks SHARON!!!
Cat 600B younger Gray Torti with some tan on head, white on chest, and white paws
Also very sweet & friendly
Sponsored for $10 - Thanks PETER!!!

Cats & kittens at the Licking shelter as of 1/30/10....
If you can help, please let me know - thank you...
(if next week works better, I can pull & hold for you)
Most are sponsored (Money is available to rescues)!!!!!
(if you sponsored one & it is no longer there, I moved the sponsor money to another needy cat - thank you!)
If you live in Licking County (or close), please visit the shelter & save a life... At the very least, pls crosspost this to anyone you know that loves cats & might help!!!! Thank you so much!!
(544 Dog Leg Rd., Heath, OH; 11-4:30 T-F & Noon-4:00 Sat)
We need your rescue help - this is a gassing shelter and has become an EXTREMELY
high-kill facility again, to the point that they are now selling dead cats to research,
these cats need your help ASAP as the shelter gets in far more cats
than they can place locally..... Please let me know if you can help by rescuing or sponsoring
one of these kitties..... send the pic/number of the one(s) you want to help to: shelleymmc@aol.com
We have transport available from Columbus to Toledo & Chicago areas weekly,
AND we will arrange transports to other areas if you can help!!!
NOTE: Transport this week arrives in Toledo on Friday 2/5 (not confirmed);
in Barrington Hills, IL, on Sat 2/6 (not confirmed);
We hope to have transport to MN (not confirmed);
CLEVELAND runs on Thurs 2/4 (not confirmed)
Most are VACCINATED Thanks for the new pics Marty!

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