2/10/10 " GASSING SHELTER!Collie x pups. 12 weeks old! Mom was adopted and her babies were left behind to be gassed." NC

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Post subject: Aussie,Collie pups,Border Colliex,Corgix Gassed NC
Post made by member of rescue board. I am crossposting.
Lincoln County, NC. Lincoln County Animal Services is
very rescue friendly

"From a volunteer at the shelter: This super boy is 2-4, he is an
Austrailian Shepherd maybe a mix...you Aussie people would know
. This guy is 2 years old and also weighs about 45 pounds...Patty
said he is a super boy! If he is Super Boy Let's see him get the
--heck-- out of this deadly situation he is in. When I meet all
of these dogs it sickens me that so many wonderful souls are
put to death just because of people and their lack of responsibility.
This dog deserves a life with a loving family please don't let him die
one of the most terrifying deaths..he is so scared and so sweet.
.please help him.

Shelter ID2-4
Medium Adult Male Dog
Australian Shepherd [Mix]

Meet Mr. 2-18, this guy is a Border Collie Mixed with some Lab .
He, in my eyes is still a baby at only about 1 year old, he weighs
only about 40-45 pounds. Funny how when they get about this
size some people dump them only to replace them with a puppy Sad
He is so pretty and has such a wonderful heart and here he sits in
this awful place and possibly could lose his life just for being here
and alive. Too bad his parents weren't spayed and neutered..if
they would have been he wouldn't be in this situation. Please
don't let this boy be a loser for irresponsibility.

Shelter Id2-18
Border Collie [Mix]
Medium Adult Male Dog

Colliex pups. Mom was adopted and her babies were left behind
to be gassed.
Imagine how scared they are. Where is mom??

Shelter ID2-33,34,

Meet 2-33, 2-34 and 2-35. These sweeet little ones are only
about 12 weeks old and weigh 8-10 pounds...Their mother was also
dumped at AC..the twist to this story is the mom was adopted today
leaving these pups behind to die in the Gas Chamber. We can't let
these adorable little one's go..please let's get them into a safe place.
..their lives have only just begun.

What you see are the sweet faces of the most urgent
dogs in
Lincoln County, NC. Lincoln County Animal Services is
very rescue friendly
. They are a gassing facility! For rescues to pull there is
no fee with proof of 501c3. They will have the dog
spayed/neutered for $85.00 including distemper
and rabies shots. They can heartworm check for $14.00.
Please help these sweet pups before they go
to the gas chamber and
die for no reason other than people who didn't
care if they lived or died. Please call o
r Email- Patty at Lincoln County Animal Control.
704-736-8734 plackey@lincolnsheriff.org. You Can Fax your proof
of 501c3 to 704-748-1505. To obtain a health
certificate for transport the fee is $25.00.
Not much to save a life. Thank-you!

If you need help pulling and don't have
a 501c3 contact Kacy momo@hughes.net 828-737-7911
If you can copy me on Emails to AC so
I know what is going on. Thanks.

Please Cross-post these pups Everywhere their lives"
depend on all of us

Shelter ID2-19
Corgi [Mix]
Small Young Male Dog

Other needy pets there:

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