UPDATE 2/17/10-2/11/10 WV No -Kill Shelter Closing. Need to Place Dogs and Cats.

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Ok, first of all, Trish got such an outpouring of support and help that she is going to try and keep the shelter open and running! That is good, as she is the only no-kill in her area. She still needs to get the animal population down to where she can care for them all....with a cast on her ankle...and having to carry 32 jugs of water a day!

If any of you had tried to contact SHARE Inc. and did not get a reply, please use the following information to contact them again. The rescue now has a staff of volunteers to respond to inquiries.

Yes, this email address will work for anyone. And the beauty of it is that the emails come in to several people at once, so it keeps us all up to date on the inquiries coming in.

Just tell anyone who wants to help to contact us at


Here's a list of the dogs & cats that are still in need of rescue assistance. Consider this a "draft" because they're going through the building to do a headcount today and check off the animals that have firm rescue commitments and are just awaiting transport.

CATS: All cats on Petfinder are spoken for. Just got this from Trish this morning: As best as I can remember. 7 cats, 3 tortise shell calico, 3 tabby (2 short hair one long.) 1 gray medium hair female. No pregnant ones, no nursing ones. I do have one that could not be transported. Was feral when he came in and would attack. Still very squimish with everyone but me. Lets me pet him but growls at strangers.

Dolly (pointer/collie?)
Deena (golden/spaniel?)
Zena (plott/pit?) I'm a bit baffled on breed mix...ideas?
Biscuit (boxer x)
Charity (boxer/pit x brindle)
Leo (spitz)
Tyler (BC x)
Otis (yellow lab/boxer x)
Cindy (BC x)
Sharpey (shar pei x)
Bop (sheltie x)
Paris (collie x)
Rogue (hound)
Snoopy (bulldog)
Stoney (rottie)
Roxie (pit)
Sadie (chow x) Serious abuse issues. Needs experienced chow rehabber. Here's Trish's assessment of her: Only a few people can approach her. She was scalded, beaten with a shovel, hooked to a choker chain on a two foot leash and starved by her wonderful female owner who threw her from a moving vehicle. She does good with males but is very gun shy of women. She now lays in my lap and lets me rub her belly but still very hard to approach by strangers. She gets along with most other dogs and is really quite submissive allowing the other kennel mates to eat first and very rarely engages in disputes. She will just go lay in her house until everyone is through eating before she goes to eat.

Probably Incoming
(Local people have contacted Trish to ask for assistance with rehoming these, but they haven't arrived yet.)
probably medium sized mom and 6 two-week old pups, breed unknown
5 pups two months old, supposedly shep mix
approx 30 lb male mix breed dog, 2 yrs old (photo available)

Plumbing services are needed to repair the water source for the shelter in Ottawa, WV.

Transport is needed to move a large donation of dog food from Martins Ferry, Ohio to the shelter in Ottawa, WV.

Ongoing help will be needed for food, supplies, and volunteers!

Boone-Logan SHARE, Inc.



Rescue is in Jeffrey, WV 25114
Shelter is in Ottawa, WV 25149

"SHARE will be closing for good!

Due to lack of volunteers, funding and the massive number of abandondoned animals in the Boone, Logan area SHARE is forced to find homes for the 113 dogs and 22 cats we now have and close the rescue. I am extremely disappointed and upset over the attitude of people in this area and their lack of support. I realize that money is not in abundance and times are tight right now but that does not excuse the lack of interest in the dogs and cats that will now be left for the county pound to pick up and "kill" due to lack of interest on the part of people in Boone and Logan county. "

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Sign Petition to Governor of WV Concerning the need for shelter reform in the state


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