2/8/10 Begging for TINA'S LIFE. She is a Black and Tan German Shepherd Mix.

PLEASE, I am still trying for my girl Tina. If you can help, please contact me at newbeginningsanimalrescue@gmail.com or call me after 6 pm at 912-369-0424. Please read the story my friend Erin wrote about her below...



Brown-Eyed Girl/German Shepherd X

There is nothing quite like a pair of warm brown eyes and a gently wagging tail to remind you what loyal companionship is. When I sit at the dinner table or on the sofa, my black lab/dalmatian mix, Brody, will sit beside me, ready to go with me whenever I might decide to stand. He isn't staring at me begging for table scraps, he is simply choosing to be by my side.

Brody was living under some nearby apartments with a littermate when he came into my life. A few nights earlier, I had found a black and white puppy wandering in a gutter by herself. She was so tiny that at first, I thought she was a kitten or small cat. I scooped her up and took her home. She ended up being severely anemic and needing a blood transfusion.

I had made it known that I had found her and was looking for the rest of the litter, not wanting them to be left for death. I learned that one puppy had already been killed by a car and another was found dead of unknown causes. A couple of days later, I received a call about puppies being spotted living underneath apartments. I went to get them.

There was a lady who would give them food, but the neighborhood kids would taunt and tease them, throwing things to hit them. The pups were very nervous about people, but with food, could be coaxed. The first was a little female who looked much healthier than the other I had found. Then out came a male with a bigger build. He wanted the food but everything about him was nervous. He peed on himself as I approached. He peed on us both when I picked him up.

My then-husband had wanted him to be the one we kept and so we did. Now the husband is no longer in the picture, but Brody stays loyal beside me. He still gets nervous sometimes, but never with me. It's been about seven years since he came into my life and I hope to have him with me for many more.

But this isn't really about Brody.

You see, I recently met a dog named Tina. A black and tan German Shepherd mix. I first saw her sitting beside a kind woman and looking up at her with warm brown eyes and wagging her tail gently. She wasn't begging for table scraps, she was simply sitting devoted beside the woman, ready to follow her whenever she chose to stand. And she did. With no leash to keep her in place, Tina followed the woman with loyalty and confidence. She gave the impression of being in the happiest place on Earth because she was kept company by a caring human. Except there is nothing happy about Liberty County Animal Control.

Tina had arrived with a litter of puppies. She guarded them fiercely from other dogs, but never challenged any person. Unfortunately, not all of the puppies survived and though old enough to be on their own, Tina still acts as a devoted mother to them. Unlike Brody, Tina has no nervousness. She is completely willing to trust all humans without question, even when taking her pups away from her.

She has an endearing personality. The kind of girl you can envision lying at your feet while you watch television as well as keeping pace with you as you go for a walk. Although she is a friendly creature, there is a secure feeling when she is near, as though you are under her protection and she will do her best to make certain no harm comes to you.

I asked about her status and learned that she is an urgent case. There is a RED X on her kennel paper, meaning that she is due for euthanasia as soon as room runs out, and room is running out dangerously fast. There had been one woman very interested in her, but upon introducing Tina to her adult male dog, Tina was not friendly. She was also tested with another big adult dog whom she was not very polite to. It's incredibly disheartening when you come across such a beautiful soul and see her chances at life wearing so thin. Then something unexpected happened. A big chubby puppy was brought out and Tina lit up. She went to the puppy full of spirited energy and good cheer. Her tail curled up and her ears perked. She was excited to see him, but he wasn't hers or even the same age as her own. So while she may not do well with adult dogs, she does show promise with younger ones.

I look at my dog, Brody, and I think of the years we've had and the struggles I've gone through and how he has always remained by my side and has always been happy for my company. I look at Tina and I see that same sort of devotion in her and I ache at the knowledge that she may never get the chance to be that loyal lifelong companion.

This Valentine's Day will be filled with heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and red roses. They say a diamond is a girl's best friend and plenty of women will be receiving them. But what of Man's best friend? What about this beautiful heart that might be injected with a drug to stop it's beating by the same hands of the humans she loves and trusts? There will be no roses for Tina, nor even a grave to put them on. She might not even make it to Valentine's Day.

Of course, she could have a happier ending. Someone could come for her. They could look into those eyes and see a friend. They could slip a collar around her neck and give her a warm home where she can lay at their feet and guard them in exchange for their compassion and guardianship. She could be your Valentine and your best friend. She has so many memories to offer, so much more than wilting roses or perishable chocolates could ever provide. She just needs someone to love her and take her from that place.

She needs you.

If you are interested in adopting, fostering or sponsoring Tina, please contact New Beginnings Animal Rescue by sending an email to newbeginningsanimalrescue@gmail.com

Don't hesitate. She doesn't have long left.

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