2/2/10 Two Senior Poodles Crying Pitifully At Liberty County Animal Control Georgia

e-mail from Petra


I apologize for the quality of these pictures. They were taken last-minute with a cell phone because that’s all that was available at that point. These 2 seniors share an outside puppy cage at Liberty County Animal Control and they are crying pitifully the whole time. I have no idea how on earth they ended up in the condition they are in. They are absolutely filthy; their coat is matted to the point where it looks and feels like felt. It is clear to see the cataract in the eyes of the smaller, darker one. They are such a sight… it makes ones heart hurt... They are both males and though their age is questionable, their teeth show that they are most definitely seniors. They want so badly to be held. When you approach their cage they jump up and down and claw for the cage door. When you hold them, they can hardly contain themselves and when you walk away, the screams continue. It is sickening, sickening and will tear any human with emotions apart…


Patches, the white Hound mix!

Have a look at Patches! Isn't she adorable??!! Oh, it's not just her look but her personality, too. She is very outgoing and seems to just love everyone. Look at how much she's enjoying a hug from the little boy of one of the rescue volunteers. Her eyes closing... just taking in the looooooove. :-) Patches has no problems with other dogs either, she loves to play and thinks everyone is her buddy. She has such a pretty look. Her body is white but has little tan freckles all over her, including her ears and then she has a large tan spot over her left eye and a smaller spot over her right - like little patches, hence the name. She is just about a year old and is medium in size. Patches' hold time at Animal Control is up and her day's are numbered. Please help her before it's too late.

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Little Vinnie Barbarino, the Terrier Mix!

This is little Vinnie Barbarino. He's as cute as a button and hopefully this will help him get off of death-row... because that's where he's at right now. Vinnie was picked up as a stray but it's clear that he was someone's dog, as he's wonderful around humans of all sizes and ages and he gets along very well with other dogs, too. Vinnie is an adult. I estimate him at around 4-5 years old and he only weighs about 28 pounds. He likes to strutt around, carrying his tail above his lower back and he loves getting his ears rubbed. He does not like getting into a crate, it scares him. He does not mind being picked up he would love having a forever home. Vinnie would be great in a family with older children or in a home with an older couple - he will pretty much fit in well in any situation.

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Max, the Black Labrador Retriever Mix! (Some of the pictures were taken before he was brought to Animal Control)

Poor Max's family through him away in the Spanish Oak Dr./Barrington area of Hineville. He was running around in the rain and cold for several days and was found by a nice family. This family is leaving for Germany on Wednesday and though they had the best intentions of helping Max, they cannot keep him and had to turn him over to Animal Control. They were able to find out that Max got along great with their Doberman and their Shep. mix and that he is house broken. Max appears to be about 2 years old, walks well on a leash and is well behaved. He likes little kids, too. His chances of making it out of Animal Control are slim to none simply because he is a black dog. What? You haven't heard yet? Yes, that's right! Statistics show that next to Pit Bull's black dogs are the next "breed" to be euthanized mostly. Have a good look at Max. His family sentenced him to death when they dumped him because he was sure to end up at Animal Control. I just pray that there is someone out there who does not agree with the statement "Black dogs are plain" and scoops Max up to bring him home.

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Sweet, Beautiful Tina, the German Shepherd Mix and her TWO PUPPIES!

Tina was brought in last Friday with 6 little puppies around 6 weeks old – 5 black and white males and one female with mommy’s coloring. Tina could not have been out of her home long because if she had been stray, she would be much thinner after 6 weeks of nursing puppies. Yet, though she could gain a little weight, she is not malnourished and is super friendly. She actually seems very, very displaced and confused. When you give her the slightest bit of attention she clings to you – see pictures. She puts her head on my chest and push’s up against me as close as she can. When you talk to her, she hangs on your every word. She is very pretty and though she does not have the exact coloring of a pure-bred GSD, her ancestry is undeniable. Since the puppies are weaned, they were taken into foster care by an NBAR volunteer because we knew they would end up getting sick if they had to stay with her in that cold, WET cell. HOWEVER, her puppies will also need rescue and out of the six there is a little runt with a cleft lip!!! PLEASE HELP!!! UPDATE: This young girl is just amazing to me. Tina is one of the best mama dogs we have ever seen. When ever she gets around her babies she protects them from other dogs as if her life depends on it. Thankfully, all but TWO of Tina's babies were adopted. Unfortnately, the runt ended up dying but before he did, Tina was cleaning him and taking care of him and it was such a sight to behold. It was clear that she was worried about her smallest off spring. Tina is very clearly a German Shepherd mix and her ears are normally set higher but she was being submissive for her photo shoot and kept her ears low. She is about 3 years old and is about 45-50 pounds. She does have some food and treat aggression; therefore, it would be wonderful if she could go to a one-dog-home; otherwise, it will have to be a home with folks who are willing to work with her on this trait. She is very submissive with humans, is calm and well behaved and is very, very needy and starved for attention. She will sit across your lap for hours soaking in the TLC. Please don't let her die!

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804-4432: Star, the Bulldog mix!

The first thing all of us noticed about Star is that she has the cutest ears ever! They stand straight up! Star was not tested with male dogs but seems to not have any problems with female dogs, as she is currently housed with another female and was playing on the field with a couple of females. She is very playful and exciteable and likes to be the Alpha in the pack. She is still very young, approximately 1 ½ years old, which would also explain her energy. She is a beautiful dog and eye candy for Bully lovers. J


Luis, the Jack Russell Terrier/Doxie mix!

This little dog was trying to cross the Main Street in Hinesville and almost got hit by a few cars. We were told he just froze in the middle of the street. The person trying to help him tried to get him off the street and he ran for her office building. She took him back across the street to see if anyone owned him, but nobody knew him and unfortunately, you can see his ribs very clearly so it’s clear that he’s been without a home for at least some days. He appears to be Jack Russell mixed with Dachshund, as he seems longer. He is not neutered and seems to be a young adult. The person who got him off the street brought him home with her at lunch to get him some food but ultimately had to take him to animal control, as her house is full. Please have a look at this little boys face…



EUTHANASIA DATE: February 4, 8 AM!

Transport available as follows:

From Hinesville, GA to New England and Stops Along the Way Via Interstate 95!!!

If you would like to adopt one of the animals below, please contact

Petra at newbeginningsanimalrescue@gmail.com

The animals on this posting are on Death Row at Liberty County Animal Control. We only have very little time, often days, to find them new homes or no kill rescues to save their lives. We have personally interacted with each one of these animals. Our descriptions are straight forward! Our conscience would not allow us to hold anything back, and we would never give false information to save an animal, because it would only result in the animal being returned. You will never find vicious/dangerous animals on our listing! Usually, little or none is known about these animals' medical history. Thanks to micro chips, we do know that many of them are abandoned by military, which means they are most likely up-to-date on their shots, heart worm negative, and generally healthy; however, we cannot guarantee that, which is why each animal must receive prompt veterinary care after adoption takes place.

Spaying or neutering is a MUST!!! The following does not apply to rescues; however local adopters MUST purchase a spay/neuter voucher from us, as well as a micro chip and Rabies shot. Spay vouchers are $75 (dogs), $60 (cats) and neuter vouchers are $65 (dogs), $50 (cats). The cost for the micro chip and Rabies shot is $10 each. (If an adopter chooses to use his/her own vet for the spay/neuter, we will gladly reimburse the voucher amount upon proof from the vet’s office.)

Your help with adopting, rescuing, or fostering these animals is immensely appreciated, as is your help with cross posting to others who may be able to help save a life.

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