Update 1/21/10-1/19/10 " So Scared For Buster" Dogs and Cats on Deathrow. Georgia

1/21/10-Please have a look at this list again. We are now in DIRE STRAITS!!! Several dogs were euthanized this morning and the facility is still full. Imagine getting a call from AC to share the PTS list with you to make sure that those are the ones that can go... It happens and it happened this week. :-( Please, please look at the faces below, dogs and cats, and let me know if you can help. And please CROSS POST!!!
REMEMBER: Transport from Hinesville, GA to Wildwood, FL is available and anywhere along the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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EUTHANASIA DATE (Top): January 28, 8 AM!



If you would like to adopt one of the animals below, please contact

Petra at newbeginningsanimalrescue@gmail.com

The animals on this posting are on Death Row at Liberty County Animal Control. We only have very little time, often days, to find them new homes or no kill rescues to save their lives. We have personally interacted with each one of these animals. Our descriptions are straight forward! Our conscience would not allow us to hold anything back, and we would never give false information to save an animal, because it would only result in the animal being returned. You will never find vicious/dangerous animals on our listing! Usually, little or none is known about these animals' medical history. Thanks to micro chips, we do know that many of them are abandoned by military, which means they are most likely up-to-date on their shots, heart worm negative, and generally healthy; however, we cannot guarantee that, which is why each animal must receive prompt veterinary care after adoption takes place.

Spaying or neutering is a MUST!!! The following does not apply to rescues; however local adopters MUST purchase a spay/neuter voucher from us, as well as a micro chip and Rabies shot. Spay vouchers are $75 (dogs), $60 (cats) and neuter vouchers are $65 (dogs), $50 (cats). The cost for the micro chip and Rabies shot is $10 each. (If an adopter chooses to use his/her own vet for the spay/neuter, we will gladly reimburse the voucher amount upon proof from the vet’s office.)

Your help with adopting, rescuing, or fostering these animals is immensely appreciated, as is your help with cross posting to others who may be able to help save a life.

Danny and Samson

Lately, Liberty County Animal Control has seen in influx on little black Lab mix puppies. If you haven't heard yet, it is very hard for rescues to get black dogs adopted, even when they are just babies. Danny and Samson are the newest arrivals and they are so unhappy in their tiny, metal cages. They are practically starved for attention and want so much to be held and played with. Danny (left) is only about 8-10 weeks old and Samson (right) is only about 10-12 weeks old. Both are full of energy, ready to run and play and most of all, ready to be someone's baby until the end of their days. Please don't let these little flames be snuffed out all too soon. It would be a tragedy...


Leon Adopted

Leon is one of the cutest puppies you'll ever see. He appears to be a Leonberger mix and with his cute underbite (pictured) there could be some Boxer in his ancestry, too. Leon was kept alone in a cage but is now housed with 3 other medium sized dogs and is definitely enjoying the company. He appears to be about 7 months old, weighs around 35 pounds but will grow into a larger dog. His coat is very thick and fluffy. I would say his hair is about 2 inches in length. Doesn't he look like a fuzzy teddy bear???!!! He is very cuddly and all he is asking is for someone to love him and give him TLC. I have no idea how anyone could just throw away a sweetie pie like this. I could never forget his face nor could I live with myself. People are so cruel. Can you help Leon? Can you bring him home before the point of a cold needle takes his young, precious life?


Sonoma is a very pretty female Bulldog mix. She sits behind the bars of her small concrete prison quietly, waiting to be noticed. When you do notice her, her tail begins to wag and she stands up in anticipation. You lead her out into the exercise field and there is another dog waiting for her and Sonoma is happy, happy, happy. All day, no, all week, she has missed company, agonizing over being so alone. You can see how happy she is when she gets that one on one time with a human or two and play time with another 4-legged friend. Even though the day was dark and gloomy and rain was pouring from the sky, Sonoma relished in her playtime. She is mostly white with tan spots, one right over her left eye. Her nose is pink with little freckles, which gives her the cutest look. She is no more than 2 years old and weighs about 45 pounds but should weigh a little more. Her days are numbered, just like all the others she shares death-row with. Do you feel an urge to help her when you look at her cute face? If you do, please hurry because soon her time is up...


Betty and Wilma Rescued

Betty and Wilma are 2 little American Bulldog mix puppies. They are very frightened but will melt under the touch of your hand. They were found out in the cold rain and you can tell that they were not taken care of at all by who ever had them first. Betty is the little white girl and Wilma is the red and white girl. They love to be picked up and cuddled but of course they will soon be much too large to be held in someone's arms IF they make it off of death-row. Betty and Wilma are only about 3-4 months old and have already had to find out that there is a harsh life out there. When we gave them a blanket to cuddle with they looked so thankful and they laid right down - see the first picture. Since this picture was taken they were moved into a tiny puppy cage in which they can barely stand up but animal control is full, therefore there is no other choice for these poor babies. Please help!!!

Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee is 95% German Shepherd. It seems to be impossible for people to walk past his cage without stopping and petting this boy. He really sticks out from the crowd. Liberty Humane Shelter wanted to save Jerry Lee's life but he came up heart worm positive and they had to let him go back. If you are concerned about heart worms but have fallen in love with Jerry Lee's pictures, please talk to me first so that I can explain. Heart worms are not the end of the world and definitely not a reason to not save a dog's life. Jerry Lee is a young dog, about 1 1/2 years old and has a lot of fun around other dogs. He has no aggression issues and has tons of energy. He would love to have an active family, possibly with kids to romp with.



Red is a very handsome Shepherd mix with a rusty red coat and shepherd ears. He is very submissive around humans, which is why you will see his ears down in the pictures where he is being petted but you will notice that his ears are up in the picture where he is meeting o another dog. This shows his curious, playful side. He is very comfortable around other dogs and will play with males and females alike. He mostly seems to enjoy human company though. He asks to receive pats by putting his paws on your chest. He is about 1 year old and weighs around 50 pounds. He is definitley an eye catcher and oh so friendly. Red only has a few days before his time on earth is over. Please help him.


New Kitty Cat Arrivals!

Have a look at these wonderful kitty cats. Every one of them is in high danger of being euthanized unless good, loving homes can be found.

Chuck is a humongous boy who is so starved for attention. When you go to his cage he immediately rolls over on his back, showing his tubby belly, in a very playful fashion. He is a hefty adult boy who has obviously seen much better days. You can tell that he is used to being around humans; therefore it is clear that he was abandoned. He needs you!

Clarence is an absolutely stunning, solid black kitty who is only about 5 months old. His head is the cutest, round like the moon with eyes golden like the sun. He has a very innocent expression and is super playful. He enjoys his ball that I put in his cage and he is perfectly content being held. Please don't let him killed just because he is a black cat. He is not a "plain" boy at all and he is waiting for you to save him.

Lawrence is just as handsome as can be. His tiger striped suit is very distinguished and with this, he wears white boots on all 4 legs and sports a white tuxedo shirt underneath the tiger striped suit. He is so loveable. He purred away and was so happy when he was held that I could not muster getting a picture with his eyes open. What a lovely young boy he is. Any family should be happy to call him their own. Can you be that family?



The SWEETEST dog in town... (NEUTERED - HAS SPONSORSHIP!!!) Please, I am so scared for him...

Please, please, please come out and meet Buster and you will know why this posting is titled "The sweetest dog in town!" Buster will melt any dog lovers heart. When I first saw him sitting in one of the very darkest cells at Liberty County Animal Control my heart sank. I know that he has the look that is often passed over time and time again until it's too late and in my mind I already prepared myself for the worst for him. I also worried how he might be with other dogs because I saw the scars on his face and his body and wondered if they were from fighting with other dogs. I brought Buster out into the field to join 3 other dogs that all got along and had no dog aggression at all. Buster joined the group and it appeared that he was almost scared of the ones that were a little more hyper and jumped on him. Though he did come out of his shell a little and finally greeted the other dogs with a wagging tail, he prefered being with us. It was absolutely heart breaking to see how much he craved attention, so much indeed that he asked for it by making little sighing sounds and leaning up against us. He loves being hugged and made a fuss over and his eyes have so much expression in them, it's like you can see all the sadness pouring right out of them and into you. You can't help but fall in love with him. Buster is very skinny, you can count his ribs and it looks like he was exposed to the forces of nature for some time, which is why we were shocked to find out that he was actually neutered. When you see the shape he is in, it is hard to believe that Buster once had a family that cared enough to get him neutered and that raised him to be such a gentle, loving soul. How did he end up on the streets? I checked Buster's teeth, thinking he may be a little older, but his teeth are white and strong. He can't be more than 2-3 years old. To make him feel a little better, I moved him into a lighter, larger cell with another male dog so they can keep each other company. Though they share a Kuranda bed and cuddle with each other for warmth and companionship, Buster appears to be very lost and depressed and until he is saved, I will not have a restless night. Like I said, you have to meet him to understand...


Smitty, the Lab/Pointer mix is handsome! Adopted

This one you have to meet! Smitty is a great family dog and it appears that he has not been without family very long. He came in with a red collar, is well fed, nicely cared for and is very comfortable around everyone, including other dogs. He is a large boy, probably around 65/70 pounds and his markings are very, very handsome. His loves to run, chase after balls and other dogs and is always alert, as to what happens around him. His coat is soft and shiny and he looks very healthy. He appears to be no more than 2 years old. He is alone in his cell and I can tell that he is missing company. I know that he would love to have a forever family that will not throw him away like his former owners did.


Angie, the Beagle/Sharpei mix! Pleading for Attention in her cell. Will walking to the kill room be the last bit of attention she gets on this earth?

You might be wondering where we see Sharpei in this little one. Well, do you see all the wrinkles on her back?! If you were to meet Angie in person you would see that these wrinkles/folds are very pronounced and I have only seen the likes on Sharpei's. Other than that, she appears to have a lot of Beagle in her. She is sort of short and stocky and has the Beagle face with the "eye liner" around her eyes. She is still young, about a year old and probably weighs around 38 pounds. She is very outgoing and enjoys getting out into the exercise field with other dogs. She has a lot of energy and is pleading for attention while in her cell. She is sharing this cell with another dog, slightly smaller than her and they get along splendidly.


Daphne, the Shepherd/Terrier mix!

Though Daphne looks like a Shepherd mix, we believe she must also be mixed with Terrier since she is only medium in size and is fully grown. All of her puppy teeth are gone and her paws are proportioned with her body. Daphne only weighst about 38 pounds and is dainty and cute. She gets along with other dogs but prefers human company over all. She loves being close to you. She is a little on the shy side when she first meets you but there is no doubt in my mind that she has a lot of personality that will come out when the right person comes along that will love her and she can trust. We think Daphne is about 1 1/2 year old. Right now she is alone in her cell and it's a very dark, dingy cell, too. I hate to think about how lonely and cold she must be. I wonder if she knows that the place where she is forced to stay is dangerous and that her days are numbered...


Bosco, the Black Labrador pup - 6 months!

Bosco is a BEAUTIFUL dog. The pictures below do him no justice; you really have to meet him and see how beautiful he is. He is only about 6-7 months old, looks very healthy, well fed, shiny coat, great teeth and super temperament. He loves romping with other dogs and soaks up as much human attention as he can. He has tons of puppy energy and would therefore not be good in a home with very small children, as he would knock them down trying to play. He would be perfect in a family with kids, 6 and above and would be their best friend. He is at an age where he can learn everything you want him to know. Right now, he is sharing his death-row cell with 2 other dogs and they all cuddle on one Kuranda bed, trying to stay warm. Please come up and meet this boy before it's too late for him.


Blue, the Beagle mix! Is very Urgent. he WILL BE GIVEN THE NEEDLE and the life force will leave him forever. His heart will stop. Please let this dog have his life . Rescue or Adopt!

This dog is on death-row at Liberty County Animal Control. If you can help, please contact New Beginnings Animal Rescue at the e-mail provided.

The kennel tech at Liberty County Animal Control knows Blue well. She says he’s been hanging around her neighborhood for a while and it was just a matter of time until animal control picked him up. Blue was kind of looked at as the “neighborhood dog” and was fed by some people and viewed as a nuisance by others. How sad… since all Blue wants is a home to call his own and someone to give kisses to and get hugs in return. Blue is a medium sized dog and weighs approximately 35 pounds. He is around 3 years old and is sharing his cell quite well with 2 other dogs. His tri-colored markings are handsome and since he has an underbite and sort of a bully face, I feel it’s possible that he is also mixed with Boston Terrier.


Kitty Cats at LCAC!



So you thought Tabby Kitty Cats are plain? Think again! :-) Have a look at the girls below, aren't they beautiful? Well, believe it or not, they were dumped by their former owners and are now sitting on death-row. Yes, you heard righ - death-row! They have not committed a crime, their former owner's have, but they are paying for it instead. Every one of them is sweet as pie.

In the second picture with the flowers is Peachy. Peachy got her name from her peach colored chest. She is a medium hair beauty with a bushy dark tail. She is a bit shy at first but really wants to be loved.

In the fourth picture with the blue frame is Raena. Raena is not happy in her current home. She sits in the silver metal box all alone and looks quite lost. Raena is a short haired Tabby and her chances of making it out are very, very slim.


It's a Mystery...

...how this little girl ended up homeless, on the streets of Hinesville. Mystery ended up at Liberty County Animal Control because someone dumped her. She was adopted out a week after she came into the facility to a nice lady with a Pug. Unfortunately, she introduced them to each other right by the food bowl not knowing that Mystery has some food aggression. We did not know this either because Mystery shared her cell at Animal Control with another dog and there were no problems. Since a dog cannot be returned to Animal Control once adopted out, she ended up with me and my pack of 4 dogs and 1 cat.

I must say that Mystery is one of the best dogs I have ever encountered. When it was feeding time, Mystery tried to growl at my other dogs and showed her teeth but we immediately corrected her and in just 2 days she has learned that she does not need to fight over food, as there's always plenty for everyone. I also since found out from an Animal Control officer that when she first came into the facility she was housed with several dogs that had food aggression and would not let her eat. That would explain her being protective over the kibble. She appears to be house broken - had only one accident in the house since I brought her home and I would consider that normal since she is in a new environment. She is very good with my other dogs and is very respectful of our old cat. She is so quiet that most of the time we forget that she is here. She is BEAUTIFUL! Everyone who meets her can't believe how someone could have just thrown her out. Her coat is amazingly soft; it's like a super thick plush blanket. She is shiny black with shades of liver color on her shoulders. We believe she is mixed with Australian Shepherd. She is only about 8-9 months old and weighs approximately 38 pounds. She is a lover of people and very, very submissive. She will not knock down small children because she seems to know that they are fragile and she loves babies. She can go to a home with another dog, as long as you are aware of her wanting to protect her food and are willing to work with her on this. If you do not have another dog, she is perfect as is.

New Beginnings Animal Rescue

Please remember to Spay/Neuter your pet.

FACT - The number one cause of death in healthy animals in the US is euthanasia. Please adopt

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