1/04/10 Two Cats Long Term Residents of Grayson County Humane Society Ky Would Love Homes

Maid Maleen

"Hi, my name is Maid Maleen, a lovely girl calico kittie (short coat), about two years old. I came into the shelter with my two beautiful children, Hansel and Gretel (now adopted), scorned and cast off by a person who cried, not for us but for herself. Like the Maid Maleen in the Brothers Grimm faily tale, my early life was not a happy one, and I have the scars to prove it. Like the true princess I am, I remain sweet and kind and full of love, and like the Maid Maleen kept prisoner in the tower,..."

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"Hi, my name is Second, a male tabby kittycat (short coat), about seven years old. The volunteer (I call her 'the angel of Second Street') saw me walking along the road like I was on a death march, and I really was on my last legs. I couldn't remember when I'd had my last meal and I thought, sheesh, starvation is a lousey way to go. (Those other second rate people out there couldn't spare me a second look or give me a second of their precious time). "
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