UPDATE 1/15 Tessa Rescued!1/12/10 Tessa, the Border Collie/Pointer Beauty Needs Out Liberty County Animal Control Hinesville Georgia

e-mail from New Beginnings. They work to get cats and dogs out of Liberty County Animal Control into homes and rescues

"Tessa, the Border Collie/Pointer Beauty

Stunning, right!? Yes, Tessa is indeed a stunning girl. She is also a large girl. I estimate her weight at about 90 pounds and her age at about 3 years. She appears to be a mix between Border Collie and Pointer. When she first came in I noticed orange on her white coat and was told that the AC officers pepper sprayed her when they tried to catch her because she was not exactly nice. She must have felt cornered because I have never ever had a problem with Tessa since I have met her. She loves, loves, loves other dogs. When ever she has the chance to go out into the exercise field at Animal Control she comes out of her shell like no other. She has to sniff each and every dog out there and then show them just how fast she can run. And she can run! She looks like one of those wonderful farm dogs that you'd imagine to see on a farm in Scotland or the English country side. She actually had a rescue in Jacksonville but my husbnd accidentally deleted some of my e-mails and I lost their contact information. Due to this, Tessa is still sitting on death-row and I imagine she is beginning to wonder if this where she has to live now. Not a nice thought, when your cell is a very cold and dingy outside kennel surrounded by chain link fencing and cement walls. All she has for comfort is a plastic Kuranda bed to at least keep her off the wet floor. I sure do hate to see her this way and I hope that someone will look at this posting and just fall in love with her. Please help her before it's too late. "

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Contact Petra if you can help Tessa


New Beginnings Animal Rescue

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