Young friendly male labrador retriever will walk to the gas chamber tommorrow .Can You Change His Fate?

He is one among many that needs homes immediately!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 1:57 pm
Post subject: Stanford, KY: 13 Face PTS TOMORROW 4/3!!

Stanford, KY - Lincoln County Animal Shelter
Phone: DO NOT CALL THE SHELTER!!! Please use email below.
email: Shelter liaisons Jenise Smith at ( and Melissa at (

Notice was just given that PTS is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, April 4th!!!
Unknown yet as to which ones, but in the greatest amount of danger is probably Wyatt Earp and Bambi's Faline. Dogs or cats that are spoken for prior to their scheduled PTS on Friday, April 4th, MUST be removed from the shelter BEFORE then or they are still at risk of being euthanized!


Shelter volunteers continue to work VERY hard to develop a good relationship with the "new" Lincoln County Animal Shelter in Stanford, KY. With only two volunteers and the ever-present risk of animals being euthanized at any moment, they constantly need to spread the word about the precious dogs and cats that have sadly found their way to the shelter.

Listed below are descriptions and photos of the current 11 dogs and 2 cats that are in need of immediate rescue or adoption. These 13 unlucky furbabes include two dogs who were simply dumped by their "family" because "they were tired of feeding them" (sigh), a kitty with an injured paw, and several Terrier mixes (Cairn and Rat) - just to name a few. In the greatest amount of danger is probably Wyatt Earp and Bambi's Faline. ALL, however, deserve a second chance at a happy life.

If you see one that you or someone else you know might be able to help - even if it's to just sponsor their rescue or adoption fees (ANY amount is appreciated and often greatly enhances their chances of being saved) - please IMMEDIATELY contact both Jenise and Melissa, the shelter liaisons at ( and (

If you need any additional information about any of the dogs or cats or if you can offer assistance in ANY other way, please also contact Jenise and Melissa. Please include the name of the dog or cat in your email subject line.

It's CRITICAL that you do NOT call the shelter! Simply email the two volunteers listed above and they will respond to you as quickly as they can. The volunteers coordinate the rescues and adoptions at the shelter, as the sole shelter employee is are far too busy to handle such requests. The volunteers also do not want to do ANYTHING that might jeopardize their still-developing working relationship with the shelter.

As a reminder, there is no fee for an approved rescue group to pull any of the Lincoln county dogs or cats. To approve a rescue, Jenise just needs at least one vet reference with a telephone number, a brief statement about their spay/neuter policies, and a shelter reference with a contact person's name and telephone number. Once approved, the rescue can take the animals of their choice into their care either unvetted (and vet him/her once he/she arrives in rescue) or the Lincoln County vet gives very good discounts if the rescue chooses to have the vet work done before the dog or cat travels to their new destination.

Rescue vetting prices are listed below. Feel free to ask the shelter volunteers if you would like pricing info on anything that isn't listed, but please note that such additional expenses will most likely be at the "regular" vet's price without any discounts.
Dog spay: $60.00
Dog neuter: $50.00
Cat spay: $50.00
Cat neuter: $35.00
DHLP-P-Cor Vaccine: $10.00
Rabies Vaccine: $5.00
Bordetella Vaccine: $8.00
FELV/FVRCP Vaccine: $20.00
Heartworm test: $20.00
Parvovirus test: $20.00
FELV/FIV test: $28.00
Drontal Plus dewormer (depends on size): $4.00 - $16.00 dogs; $4.00 cats
Health certificate: $5.00

Dogs or cats that are spoken for prior to their scheduled PTS on Friday, April 4th, MUST be removed from the shelter BEFORE then or they are still at risk of being euthanized! Due to spring break filling the often-used boarding facility, boarding this week will need to be at the vet clinic and will require vetting as listed below. Since the shelter dogs will be boarding with the vet's clients animals, some new requirements have been set.

All dogs must be at least ~6 months of age and must have the following upon arrival for boarding. Payment will be the responsibility of the receiving rescue (prices as listed above for rescue vetting):
DHLP-P-Cor Vaccine
Rabies Vaccine
Bordetella Vaccine
Fecal test (to check for coccidia)
Deworming (if needed)
Flea/Tick treatment (they are in the process of getting prices)
Boarding Prices:
Cats: $8.50/day
Dogs 20# or less: $9.50/day
Dogs 21#-50#: $10.50/day
Dogs 51# and over: $11.50/day

Please also understand that, due to the fact that there are only two volunteers available - both of whom are already being stretched to their maximum limit to do what they can - rescues/adopters MUST coordinate their own transport. Pull help can possibly be arranged though.

Please also note that Jenise, one of the two Lincoln County volunteers, is actually on vacation with her family this week. She has limited computer access, BUT she IS checking in. That's why it's so important to also email Melissa as listed above.

Jenise is VERY concerned this week about Banjo-Kazooie (whom she describes as "a very nice dog"), Wyatt Earp, Bambi's Faline, and Teague. She also believes that Poppy and Finola are "adorable little scruffies that should be HIGHLY adoptable."

Whatever you can do to help the Lincoln County dogs and cats, please do it ASAP. Euthanasia WILL happen tomorrow, Friday, April 4th. We simply cannot stress that enough. Thank you.........
Achilles is a BEAUTIFUL black young male DSH/Bombay cat. Sadly, it appears that his back right leg/paw is injured, thus his ill-fated name. This boy needs some TLC and he needs it YESTERDAY! Can you help support this wobbly little kitty?
Diva Danielle is a young female DSH gray tabby cat. Already spayed, up-to-date on her vaccines, and described as a friendly girl, this queen bee wants to be the sole queen of her castle. A home with no other kitties would probably be best for this furry royalty.
Lady Elaine is a young female Rat Terrier/Feist mix. Dumped by a family filled with children and other dogs that she loved dearly, Lady Elaine now finds herself facing death simply because "the children were tired of feeding her." What a TERRIBLE way to treat such a lovely lady!!! Her buddy, Prince Tuesday (see below), faces the same sad ending unless someone comes to their rescue IMMEDIATELY.
Prince Tuesday is a smiling young male Min Pin/Feist mix. Brought in by the same "family" (and I use that term VERY loosely) as Lady Elaine (see her sad "tail" above), Prince Tuesday might not live to see yet another Tuesday. Forsaken by those he once loved and trusted, he was put out like yesterday's trash just because "the children got tired of feeding him." Let's hope the children's parents don't get tired of feeding the children!!!
Wyatt Earp is a STUNNING young male Chinook/American Bulldog mix. The famous Western cowboy with the same name once lived in a town named Tombstone; let's hope that this furry boy doesn't soon end up UNDER a tombstone. Even though he has a face to die for, there's NO need for him to die at such an early age. Please help this precious little cowpoke!
Banjo-Kazooie, perhaps named after the animal-filled Nintendo game with the same "moniker," is a young male Labrador Retriever/Flat-Coated Retriever whose eyes can literally pierce your soul. Described by the shelter volunteers as "a big, fluffy, and friendly guy," they also know that he likely doesn't stand a chance of being rescued or adopted simply because of his color. Please don't let the light fade from this beautiful boy's eyes. Perhaps an interesting footnote, the Nintendo game Banjo-Kazooie was originally going to be called "Dream"....I'm guessing that this boy is doing a lot of dreaming right now - ones filled with lots of "what if's" and "if only's."

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